Restaurant Review: Yakimix at Robinsons Place Manila

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to try Yakimix (Greenbelt) for the first time. I wasn’t really satisfied when it comes to the taste and quality of the food, but I still enjoyed the overall experience. The food wasn’t bad at all. I just felt at that time that Yakimix focused more on the quantity rather than the quality.

Last June 12, we went to Yakimix to celebrate our wedding anniversary (and my parents’ too). Because of our failed attempt the first time around, Boyet and I went earlier to check for available seats. Surprisingly, the place wasn’t crowded yet.

The first thing we checked was the grilling section. We all agreed that the choices at Tong Yang are way better, both in quality and quantity. Other than there are more choices in Tong Yang, their grilled foods taste better. I liked the liempo of Yakimix, though. At ‘yung hotdogs! Nyaha! =))

I wasn’t able to take photos of the other dishes. The choices were a bit limited, but we specifically enjoyed their Tempura and the baby potatoes! These two saved the day!

I also noticed that they only serve one kind of dimsum and only a few kinds of rice rolls. I couldn’t help but compare it with the Greenbelt branch. I am not sure if it’s still the case today, but when I went there years ago, there was a long stretch of dimsum and rice rolls. That was definitely a downer! Sa Greenbelt, puro rice rolls ang kinain ko e. =))

After just one plate and a few grilled pieces, I decided to jump straight to desserts. I know lugi ako sa buffet. But I didn’t want to force myself to eat more just because we paid PHP600+/person. I actually felt robbed considering that most of the food choices were just so-so. I know this may sound like a rant, but we all felt that we didn’t get what we paid for.

Bumawi talaga ako sa desserts! I liked the mini cupcakes and the cheese bars. I also tried their ice cream topped with chocolates and gummy candies. The gummy candies were… uhmmm… GUMMY! Super kunat. Muntik ako ma-lock jaw! =))

Another disappointment is the fact that the buffet spread does not include beverages. Customers need to pay an additional amount for their drinks.

I don’t mean to discourage anybody especially those who haven’t tried Yakimix yet. As I’ve said countless of times before, taste is subjective. So what may be bad to my taste buds might be awesome to yours. :)

Level 4 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Haven't tried Yakimix yet!!! Sabi nga din nila fail daw. :'( wag nlng! hihihi...

  2. Yakimix nalang hindi ko natatry na buffet, ayoko na itry hahaha! Mas gusto ko sambokojin kasi meron katsu station eh hahaha! Tsaka mas mukhang madaming choices at mukhang masarap food nila don compare sa yakimix


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