BGC Bomb Threat (Out of All the Days)

Last Friday, BGC was shaken by a series of bomb threats. Net One received a call in the afternoon that a bomb was in the building. To make things worse, I work in the building beside it. We initially thought that it was just a fire drill. Before 3PM a couple of my office mates said that it was a bomb threat. It was later on confirmed to us by our company’s leadership team. According to news, no bomb was found. It was probably just a pathetic punk who thought that it would be cool to terrorize BGC exactly a week after the Serendra blast. Because of this, we were dismissed from work earlier. But before we evacuated the building…

systems_girlsMica, Abby, Me, Mitch
Photo grabbed from Abby’s IG

Oo! Nakuha naming magpa-picture sa gitna ng bomb threat! =)) What are the odds of a bomb threat on the day that we decided to be all girly?! Mica usually comes to work in a dress so it was definitely a stretch for the rest of us. Except last year’s Christmas party, last Friday was the first time that I saw Mitch and Abby all dressed up. Tapos, may bomb threat?! Mukhang hindi na kami uulit. May halong kamalasan kapag nagpanggap na girl kaming mga maton! =))

P.S. I think we were THE bomb! Chos lang! :p

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