Restaurant Review: Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & BBQ Restaurant

It was Mother’s Day and my turn to treat the family. We go on rotation each time we go out. Anyway, I teased my mom that I’ll treat everybody to Yakimix. To my surprise, she agreed right away. She had been telling us for the longest time that buffets are not worth it because even if all of us have big appetites, they are not “buffet-friendly”. Ok, I invented that word. She added that we wouldn’t be able to get the most out of our buffet experience because there are days when we are picky eaters or our appetites are decreased. And the most important excuse she made: It’s expensive! So I guess she agreed to go on a buffet on Mother’s Day because I would be paying for it. HAHAHA!!!

At around 5PM, the Yakimix receptionist told us that we were the 9th in line. At around 6PM, I asked Boyet to accompany Mama to another restaurant to see if she would approve. That meant: Goodbye, Yakimix. Hello, Tong Yang!

Tong Yang has just recently opened its Robinsons Place Manila branch a few months ago. It’s housed at the spot where Tang City used to be. We’ve been meaning to try this out as we are already running out of places to eat at RP (because we have tried almost every restaurant), but we were waiting for a “special occasion” to celebrate.

It was still a bit early for dinner time so even if the restaurant was almost full, we immediately got a table for 5.

You can choose 3 kinds of soup for your shabu-shabu and everything from the shabu-shabu buffet table! I never imagined that some stuff from the buffet table could be included on a shabu-shabu. Okra for shabu-shabu?! I had to skip that because my husband hates it. :p
DSC_1632 Buffet for Shabu-Shabu

I love the dumplings, fish balls and fish cakes! I dumped as many as I could to the pot. *wink wink*

I wasn’t able to take photos of the whole spread for grilling. But Tong Yang has everything, from our all-time favorites like hotdogs, satay, and chicken wings to those that are not suitable for the weak-hearted like “betamax” (coagulated blood), isaw, atay and balunbalunan!

DSC_1646 That’s my brother’s hand! =))

They also have a bacon station where they slice the meat thinly as guests request for it.


Aside from the shabu-shabu and grilling buffets, Tong Yang also has a separate spread for a lot of other dishes. My parents could not stop raving their paella and siomai. I specifically loved the spicy squid. For the lovers of Japanese food, they also serve different kinds of maki and sushi. Korean food lovers should not fret because they also have kimchi and other Korean appetizers.

They offer different kinds of juices and unlimited soda! And of course, as a rule of thumb when eating in a buffet, always leave room for desserts! Aside from the cakes and pastries, they also have a halo-halo station. My mom enjoyed it so much. Partida, siya pa daw ang hindi makakasulit sa buffet?! :p

DSC_1636 Beverages, Halo-Halo Station and Ice Cream Toppings

My brother and I tried their ice cream. We initially thought the yellow ice cream was cheese-flavored. Apparently, it’s orange! It tastes weird but in a good way.

By the time we went out of the restaurant, we saw that they already have a queue for waiting guests. For PHP585/pax, it was a really good deal. Everybody had a great time, most especially my mom. We all went home with happy and satisfied tummies. ^_^

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & BBQ Restaurant
Level 2 Pedro Gil Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. I wanna try that resto!! Feeling ko sulit kay companion yan! :) hahahha.. Lalo na ang isaw at betamax. :)


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