Cheap Date: Fast Food + Movie

Managing finances is probably the hardest and most tedious job for every married couple, unless you and your spouse are both born rich with parents who can provide even for the children of their grandchildren. Lifestyle changes, sticking with the budget, salivating over the things that you want to buy but can’t, asking permission from your spouse when you’re buying something, battling between the NEEDS and the WANTS, these are just few of the many things that a lot of married couples face.

I am proud to say that my husband and I have been working so hard in managing our finances. Our only source of income is our eight to five job. We were fine in the beginning. But when we bought a second-hand car and started paying for a house, a lot of things have drastically changed – less travels, less shopping, less date nights. But then again, if there’s a will, there’s a way! My very bright husband suggested that we challenge ourselves with cheap date ideas. One weekend date should not exceed PHP1,000. He told me that I can actually help a lot of my readers to realize that dates are not supposed to be expensive. So yeah, yeah, all thanks and praises to my husband.

My first suggestion is a no-brainer - eating in a fast food chain followed by a movie. I will try to inject some tips so that couples can feel that a cheap date can be enjoyable. Our choice for that day was lunch in Jollibee followed by a JLC movie! =))

1. Choose a place that’s important to you and/or your spouse. We had our first “date” in Jollibee. HAHAHAHA!!! When we were still in college up until we were starting out in the corporate world, Jollibee was our best friend. In doing this, you get to appreciate the things that you and your spouse have accomplished together. Hindi ba dati naman Jollibee lang tayo pero masaya naman? Things like that. And you can also reminisce with your spouse! Hindi ba dito tayo lagi noong habol ka pa ng habol sa akin?! Nyaha!

2. Change your perspective. A cheap date does not necessarily mean that it’s less romantic. Going out on a cheap date is not an indication that you are not getting the best out of your married life. Be proud that you go out on a cheap date. It only means that you and your spouse value money - the same money that you have both worked hard for!

3. Let a cheap date be a reaffirmation that you chose the right person. You’ll get to realize how lucky you are for having a hardworking husband. You’ll see how your wife effortlessly handles anything with grace in tough times. More than the fancy restaurants and luxurious escapades, you’ll realize that just simply sitting next to your spouse while enjoying a crispy Chickenjoy is just as awesome.

I’m sure that we’ll be having a lot of these in the future. Watch out for our next cheap date and more of my tips! ^_^

Lunch - PHP178
Movie - PHP360
Total - PHP538


  1. Sa Jollibee din 1st date namin hahahah!

  2. Haha, oo until now struggling pa rin kami ni hubby when it comes to managing our finances. Ewan ko ba bakit hindi maubos ubos ang gastos at utang. Cheap dates are actually fun! At saka fave ko kaya si Jollibee. :)


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