Why I Will Never Be a Fashion Blogger

For the four years that I have been blogging, I think that I have already written about almost everything in this blog. I started out with just food and travel posts. Later on, I realized that this is my personal space so I don’t need to limit myself with these two. I wrote about books, movies, shoes, and even the unimaginable for a non-kikay woman like me – makeup! But I think that there’s one thing that I haven’t done here. And that is an Outfit of the Day post.

I have long accepted the fact that this will never become a fashion blog. The crown already belongs to my best friend, Aubrey.  Anyway, Joie and Aubrey have been convincing me to give it a try. My answer had always been NO, enumerating my following reasons.

1. I’m lazy. I don’t plan what I wear for the day. I just open the closet, and grab whatever pieces of clothing that my hands touch. I have always been that way.

2. I’m boring. Maybe I am a little harsh on myself. If I am really boring, then I don’t think my readers will be coming back in this blog. But my fashion sense is just too boring, not worthy of a fashion post. I don’t think it will appear to my readers when I say, “Jeans from JAG, shirt from BENCH, shoes from CONVERSE.” Yes, there is nothing wrong with these, but the jeans-shirt-sneakers combo is what I wear ALMOST every day. I’m boring. Case closed!

3. I don’t think I can pull it off. Imagine me wearing a neon green mini skirt with large pink prints (as if I have one) together with a violet and yellow checkered top. Some women can do that. I can’t. I simply can’t.

4. Nobody will take my pictures. I take all the photos in this blog. I can’t take my own OOTD photos. Ano ‘yun? Walang katapusang selfie?! :p

5. I’m shy. I admire all those fashion bloggers who have all the guts (I mean this as a compliment) to pose in front of a crowded mall or a park. Aubrey does it everywhere. Sa Ayala Triangle, sa office pantry, sa tapat ng garahe ng neighbor nila na pinalibutan ng barbed wire. Keri niya! :p

6. Hindi ako marunong mag-project!!! Even in a normal picture-taking situation, I somehow manage to look AWKWARD in pictures all the time! HAHAHA!!! The only photographer I worked with was Ian Santillan. He is just so good making it easier for me to get at ease in front of the lens. But I can’t ask professional photographers to take my OOTD photos. :p

Anyway, when we all went out for a weekend staycation, Aubrey forced Joie and me to do an “OOTD pictorial” with her. Sabi ni Aubrey, “Sayang naman ‘yang Lacoste dress mo!” HAHAHAHAHA!

20130511_155028-tile Dress: Lacoste | Flats: Suelas | Watch: Anne Klein (Yes! Gumaganon?!)

For the record, Aubrey took a grueling five minutes for these two photos! “Chin up! Move forward. Tilt your head. Dapat naka-point ‘yung isang foot para mukhang tall!Ayan! Ganyan siya!!! 

I therefore conclude that this will be the last! :p

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