Throwback Thursday: Papa Boyet (Before and After)

I got quite a number of positive feedback when I published a Throwback Thursday post last week. One particular reader, Mayums, said that she loves it when I share bits and pieces about my family. (One of these days, I’ll try to come up with a post about the latest messages I’ve been receiving from my amazing readers!) And since I already “made fun” of myself last TT post, today is Boyet’s turn. Palakihin natin lalo ang fanbase ni Papa Boyet! :p I’m really glad that my husband does not have a blog because he does not have the chance to retaliate. :p

A couple of years before Boyet and I tied the knot, a photo was uploaded on Facebook by one of Boyet’s cousins. We were both at work when I got an IM from him. He sounded so worried. When I asked him why, he said that his cousin uploaded a picture of him with his other cousins and some of their neighbors. “Hanapin mo kung nasaan ako diyan,” he said. Nung nakita ko siya, parang gusto ko ng umatras sa kasal! =))

Before I show you that, let’s look at a photo of Papa B (as Joie fondly calls him) on our wedding day. Ang tikas ‘no?! May mga lalaki talagang ampogi sa dilim! :p
259903_10150293700017053_740802052_9300603_1128749_nPhoto courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

Now, who wants to see a baby picture of Boyet?! Raise your hands!!!

For the protection of the other parties involved, I decided to crop the photo. At isa pa, si Boyet naman kasi ang pinakacute sa picture!

I almost peed when I saw the photo. Boyet really had all the reasons to get worried. Nakakasira naman kasi ng reputasyon ang litratong ito.

His cousin wasn’t satisfied with uploading the photo, he even tagged Boyet in it. And the comments cracked me up!

Grabe, uso naman na Combantrin ‘nung 1980s ha?
Boyet, kaya pala nawawala ‘yung ref namin. Tinago mo pala sa likod mo!
Boyet, artistahin ka pala. Kamukha mo si MURA!


Boyet actually eats a lot. He gets hungry an hour after eating. And when he gets hungry, I make sure to feed him. That is why I hate it when people say that he looks like he’s losing weight, with the insinuation that I am not taking care of him. Tinamaan ka ba, Joie?! :p I think I need to have a copy of this photo  in my wallet so I can tell those people how much Boyet has improved over the years. Tignan nyo nga ‘ung itsura ni Boyet nung bata. Nakakahiya naman sa mga bulate niya na namatay sa malnutrition! Saka nyo sabihin na pinapabayaan ko siya! :p


  1. yay! special mention. :)

    winner ang boyet-mura comparison. LOL.

  2. bwahahahahaha.. shux laugh trip =)))) pero grabe payat talaga ni boyet.. mukhang na poop na nia lahat ng bulate sa katawan kaya siya na ung mukhang bulate =)))) peace! :D


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