Red Ribbon: More Than Just A Bakeshop

Red Ribbon has always been the place to go for any occasion that requires a cake or when we simply need a quick fix for that sugar craving. What some people don’t realize is that Red Ribbon is more than just a bakeshop. They may have become popular for their mouth-watering cakes and delicious pastries, but Red Ribbon has more to offer.

One Saturday afternoon before our visit to Suelas, Boyet and I decided to have lunch at Red Ribbon along Jupiter St. I wanted to have my favorite palabok (Red Ribbon’s palabok is one of the best), but we decided to have their set meals. Their rice meals already include soda and a slice of cake. The thought of having a slice of cake after a meal actually won me over. I know someone who does not like cakes. Awang-awa ako sa miserable niyang buhay. Harharhar! :p

DSC_1433 Salisbury Steak

Based from my experience, only two things can happen with a Salisbury Steak. It can either be too good or too bland. Fortunately, the one I had that day was sooooo gooood!!! The meat was perfectly seasoned and the gravy was really tasty. My only problem was that there wasn’t enough of it. It cost me an additional PHP15 when I asked for more. E 'pag mag-gravy pa naman ako, sinasabaw ko sa kanin! :p Served with buttered carrots and corn, rice and mashed potatoes, this is certainly a hearty meal. Ngayon ko lang naisip. Rice + mashed potatoes?! =))

Hubby decided to have his favorite dinuguan that day. I’m really meticulous with dinuguan. I don’t like it if it’s too salty or too sour. Red Ribbon’s dinuguan has the right flavors although it isn’t as thick as I prefer it to be. They also use mostly lean meat. Walang taba. BORING. Hahaha! :p

DSC_1430 Dinuguan

Both meals cost PHP160. It’s already a good deal especially that a slice of cake goes with it. So for me, it was steak + rice + mashed potatoes + cake?! Ang siba ko lang! @_@

DSC_1420 Dulce de Leche

DSC_1423Mango Something (Sorry, I forgot the name)

And because Red Ribbon is primarily known for their cakes, natural masarap ang cakes nila. Anober! Ok, end of this blog post. Hahaha! Seriously, both cakes are moist. Both were good, but I liked the Dulce de Leche better. If it's just not against the rules of the human race, I would lick all the caramel from my plate! Haha! :p

One thing I like about Red Ribbon's cakes is that they are not too sweet. 'Yung ibang cakes, lalanggamin kahit tonsils mo sa sobrang tamis. So the next time you go to Red Ribbon for a box of cake, why don't you try their rice meals? :)

Red Ribbon
124 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village,
Makati City


  1. carbs overload ah! haha looks good! you know, I too, don't like cake. haha! I prefer pie and ice cream! :)

  2. Order ko lagi yung bangus. Dati super dami now sakto nalang. Masarap yang mango cake nila fave namin yan :) nawala na nga yung carbonara nila eh fave ko pa naman yun..

  3. Favorite ko salisbury steak nila!!!! Na-miss ko tuloy bigla, although recently some of their branches don't anymore offer this value meal.


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