Restaurant Review: La Creperie

What do you do when you need to go to a 2PM wedding followed by a 7PM dinner reception at Crowne Plaza? We could only think of one thing when our dear friends Tang and Chris (who is now a Tang too :p) tied the knot last April 6 – find a place to eat and kill some time at Robinsons Galleria. Since Boyet, Jeff, Joie and I were all dressed up that day, and add the fact that it was excruciatingly hot, we were just literally dragging our feet. I am not used to walking in high-heeled shoes so I was already starting to get really irritated when we could not seem to find a good place to eat. We passed by a number of restaurants, but all are serving rice meals. We could not afford to have a heavy meal since we were on our way to a dinner party. I also didn’t want to stuff myself and let the extra weight show in my dress. Hahaha!!!

I then spotted La Creperie. I don’t frequent Robinsons Galleria so it was my first time to see this part of the mall. Though it was new to me, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it serves one of my favorites – CREPES!!!
DSC_1314 Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat PHP185

Joie opted to have the Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat. Ang totyal! :p Chocolate crepe with mangoes and hazelnut spread is drizzled with caramel and topped with almonds and whipped cream! How cool is that? Joie was generous enough and allowed me to have a bite. Kapag hindi siya pumayag, end of friendship! It was simply oozing with heavenly goodness!

After scanning the menu, I settled with Mango Peach Nutella. If Tom Cruise had everybody at HELLO, La Creperie had me at Nutella. Put Nutella in rice, and I’ll gladly eat it. Kare-kare with Nutella, Sinigang na Baboy with Nutella, Pansit with Nutella… you’ll never go wrong! Hahahaha!

DSC_1321 Mango Peach Nutella PHP195

I know that my crepe does not look as glamorous as Joie’s, but I didn’t care. Just look at the generous serving of Nutella!!! Joie’s crepe only had Nutella inside. Mine had inside and on top. I died and went to Nutella heaven!

Joie and I agreed that their crepes are really good. The crepe is soft enough and not too thick making all the fillings and toppings really stand out yet not missing the taste of the crepe. At hindi tinitipid ang Nutella. Sirang plaka lang ang peg ko?! :p

Aside from crepes, La Creperie also offers other comfort food. Since the boys were not as conscious with how they would look after we get out of La Creperie, they decided to have a hearty meal.

Before Boyet came into my life, pasta with white sauce is alien to him. He only eats spaghetti. Pinanindigan niyang pula lang dapat ang sauce ng pasta. But ever since he tasted my mom’s carbonara, he would get one for himself each time he sees it on a restaurant’s menu. I wasn’t surprised when he had Pesto Cream Carbonara that day.

DSC_1324 Pesto Cream Carbonara PHP275

I love cream-based pasta. But there were times when I could not finish my plate because it is too creamy. I also love pesto. But it’s a turnoff when it’s overdone. Have you experienced eating a pesto that’s too herby that you end up brushing your teeth multiple times in a day just to remove the aftertaste? La Creperie came up with a brilliant idea – combining the two together! Hubby and I were both surprised at how the different flavors burst into our taste buds. We got both the creamy goodness of the carbonara and the tanginess of the pesto. This is now included in my list of favorites! ^_^

Jeff had the mini burgers served with fries on the side. I wasn’t able to try this because my dress was about to burst because of the crepe, pasta and liters of water that I had to drink to keep me from passing out. But according to Jeff and Joie, the burgers were good.

DSC_1332 Mini Burgers with Fries PHP145

Aside from serving good food, La Creperie is also a quaint place that’s good for people who just want to do some catching up. I saw some people who were discussing contracts over tea. I saw a girl who was reading a book while eating crepe. With their delicious food and charming interiors, I highly recommend La Creperie. :)

Joie: Dito tayo umupo, Je.
Me: Ok, sige.
Joie: Wow, parang sofa sa bahay!
Me: Donyang donya! @_@

DSC_1312Please forgive the oiliness and chakaness. Kami ang magpapauso ng “tanghaling tapat” look! =))

La Creperie
Level 2
Robinsons Galleria


  1. I like your nutella philosophy! haha

  2. I love nutella too! Naghahanap ako ng nutella and go. Yungprang yan yan waaah!

  3. I love Nutella, and in a crepe it looks more sinful! Yum! :)

  4. OMG, this food looks deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish!!! You are making me so hungry right now!

  5. My only favorite crepes are the one from Cafe Breton, but I think I need to give this a try!

  6. I always wanted to try La Creperie, meron neto sa Eastwood. Kelangan ko ng tikman yang Mango Peach Nutella nila!



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