Throwback Thursday: Ehhhhh?!

Everybody is doing this Throwback Thursday thingy. I thought that I didn’t have much to share since I wasn’t able to save all my Friendster photos. All our old photos are collecting dust, and my mother is so protective of them. Kulang na lang lagyan nya ng serial number at bar code!

But while I was looking at my hard drive, I saw some of my old photos! I think these were used for our wedding AVP.

Since everybody is also posting a photo of their siblings for the National Siblings Day, I thought of posting a picture of my brother while I’m changing his diaper. National Siblings Day na, Throwback Thursday pa. Kaso baka i-throw niya my back on the wall hahaha!

For now, these will do!

I remember that blue bag on the upper left photo. And that white thing beside me was actually our Christmas tree. I was born and raised during the times when my parents were still trying to make ends meet so our old Christmas tree looked so kawawa!

‘Yung payat na lalaki, erpats ko ‘yan! HAHAHAHAHAHA! In fairness, ang laki ang ikinagandang lalaki niya for the past two decades! :p

And that’s my mother! Every time she tells us that she used to be really sexy, we all say “Wehhhh??!!” in unison. The above photo was actually taken when I was already a toddler which means that she already gained weight. She’s definitely not lying. HAHAHA!!!

And look at my coloring book! Halatang wala akong hilig sa crafts and chorva kahit noong bata pa lang ako. I actually remember that day. My afternoon sleep was disturbed so I got my coloring book and did that. Bata pa lang, sumpungin na! :p

I am not sure if I can do this Throwback Thursday every week. If my brother pisses me off, I’ll post that photo next week! *insert evil laugh here*


  1. favorite ko talaga ung big eyes!

  2. Buti kapa natabi ng nanay mo ung mga baby pics mo, ako waley! Dadalawa lng ata baby pics ko na natabi ko nawala pa ung isa. Hahahaha! Kalurks! Kaya naman kay Cyler binobongga ko pag capture ng mga childhood memories nya para di sya mawalan tulad ko. :)

  3. Hi Je,

    Not-so-newbie reader/fan here. I love it when you share bits and pieces about your family. Still not yet done backreading, but I have to say, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up. :)

    Between me and my mom, mas ako ang may concern about our old family photos. I'm thankful that I still have my baby pics. Pag me nagsasabi na kamukha ng hubby ko ang two kids ko, I just show them my baby/toddler pics just to prove na ako ang kamukha ng 2 bulilit ko. Hehe...

  4. Thanks, dear! :) I hope you continue to come back here! :)


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