Movie Review: It Takes a Man and a Woman

For almost two weeks, I wanted to punch those people who kept on posting about this movie. Blame my very crazy schedule for making me feel “left out” of the hottest thing in town. But thank God for the holiday! Hubby and I were finally able to watch the third installment of the Miggy-Laida love story. Believe it or not, it was a mutual decision to watch this movie. Walang pilitang naganap! :p

I have been a fan of the Sarah-JLC love team since I watched their MMK episode. I liked the first two installments of the movie, but I have to say that ‘It Takes a Man and a Woman’ is the best among the three. With a deeper storyline, it is the best way to end the Miggy-Laida love story (unless Star Cinema still has plans to have a part 4).

A lot of people said that they went out of the cinema laughing. I went out of the cinema with swollen eyes! I was crying on the first ten minutes, and I could not stop crying on the last 30 minutes of the movie. I don’t remember crying that much while watching One More Chance. Salamat sa bloopers, nahimasmasan ako! Hahahahaha! In fairness, walang dull moment. Sa first two movies medyo meron e hehe. 
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Read beyond this when you have already watched or you don’t have any plans of watching the movie.


You can never go wrong with John Lloyd Cruz. He can star in a silent movie and still convince me to pay to see it, even if it’s only available in 3D! A lot of guys can’t understand why women go wild over JLC. He’s not the epitome of a hunk after all. But the boy has SOUL and a huge sense of humor. Who cares if he doesn’t have abs? Girls like boys who can make them laugh and cry. Girls like real men. Real men CRY! Real men wear pink! HAHAHAHA!!!


I have always admired Sarah as a performer. But her acting in the first two installments was still a bit raw. Medyo OA. :| Although she’s really funny, there were times when I would cringe at her acting. But she has improved a lot. It’s a given when JLC moves an audience, but I never imagined that Sarah can do the same. It’s as if I could feel her pain. It’s as if I was betrayed too. Additional credits to how she gave justice to her transformation. I liked her new look, even her new accent! HAHAHA! Laida Magtalas version 2.0 will not be possible without the Sarah Geronimo version 2.0!


I like to think that a circle of crazy friends is the trademark of a Cathy Garcia-Molina movie. Matet, Gio and Joross have provided comic relief since the first installment. Kinabagan ako sa tatlong mokong na ‘to! “Laro tayo’ng taguan! Taguan ng feelings!” HAHAHAHA!!! Even without a word, their facial expressions cracked me up! I never took Joross seriously when he joined Star Circle Quest. But little by little, he has proven his worth. Ang lakas niyang makasaya! Gusto ko siyang gawing barkada. Nyaha! I hope Star Cinema comes up with a movie or a sitcom that stars JLC, Joross, Gio, JM De Guzman, Janus and Ketchup! Isama na rin nila si Pining! Hahaha! :p


Surprisingly for a newcomer, Isabelle did well here. Boyet even said that he favors Belle’s acting more than Bea Alonzo’s. Nyahahaha! Sorry, but we are not the biggest fans of Bea. Anyway, I read from a newspaper that Belle wanted to undergo acting workshop as soon as she found out that she would star with Sarah and JLC. But the director refused because she wanted Belle to be “raw”.

Of course I don’t need to mention Miggy’s siblings and Laida’s family because they are all so good! Karamihan ng iyak ko, dahil sa kanila!


1. Dante Rivero’s first scene only lasted a couple of seconds. And those couple of seconds hit a raw nerve! I don’t know if it was because I saw two people dear to me in that same situation, or maybe because he’s simply a great actor. That scene made me cry buckets of tears.

2. The speech of Miggy’s father. Sometimes being the best means being the least... Be good even after you make a mistake... Madalas sa kagustuhan nating maging pinakamagaling, nakakalimutan nating maging mabuti.”

3. That scene where JLC was breaking down in front of his father’s grave. “I lost everything. I lost Dad, and then I lost you!” Ok, iyak na naman ako! =))

4. When Miggy said that he’s going to liquidate all his assets and his siblings objected. First, because he finally became the man that he is supposed to be. Second, because I felt that his sister and brothers finally showed compassion to their bastardo brother.

5. That scene in the grave of Miggy’s mom. More than the love story, I think that the more important message of the movie is forgiveness. In that scene where the legitimate children finally paid respect to the woman who caused their family so much pain presents such a strong message. Siyempre, iyak na naman ako. Sabi ko kasi dati, kapag nambabae tatay ko, kahit sa hukay, hahabulin ko siya at ang kabit nya! Hahahaha!

6. When Miggy’s siblings appeared with the mob in the airport. Would you believe that I was actually crying at this part? I know it’s a bit absurd, but I felt that Laida was finally accepted as a part of their family because for a long time, they took Laida as a distraction to Miggy.

7. When Laida was about to break down, her father (Al Tantay) went to comfort her. He checked Laida out, tried to turn on the electric fan, and just like any father seeing his daughter really hurt, he just wanted to take all those pain away. Then Laida said something like, “Sorry po Tatay kung hindi ko kayo napatawad agad.” Siyempre iyak na naman ako. Hahaha! I like how the movie made a deeper connection with why Laida had a very hard time forgiving Miggy. It is simply because her family, the family which had long provided her with love and comfort, failed her. Even before Miggy hurt her, her father already did. This made me cry the hardest.

I can probably go on saying all the good things about this movie. So just to be fair, I didn’t like a couple of things. First, ang wig ni Sarah! Part 3 na pero medyo waley pa rin. Hahaha! Second, why is Mikee Cojuangco not in this movie?! :p


  1. hahahaha.. ang hinahanap ko naman, yung isa pang ate ni JLC - diba 4 yung legitimate children? :P

  2. haba girl a:p di halatang nagustuhan mo :p pero inferness binasa ko:p bwaha

  3. Wahaha! 1st to comment!
    Si BF ayaw nya sana manood nyan. Kasi ayaw nya kay sarah g (next to kris a.) Napilit ko lang sya si JLC lang din kasi gusto ko don. Eh syempre JLC yun pumayag na sya. :p

    1st day kami nanood sa atc. Dumating kami 11am nakapanood kami 5:45pm kasi puno na yung pang 12:30 at 3:30pm! Ganon sya kalakas!

    Same tayo ng nagustuhan sa scene. Idagdag pa yung nagmakaawa si jlc kay sarah with a ring. Isa din yung elevator scene nila. Nakakaiyak! Pero bumaha ang luha ko sa father and daughter scene nila. Alam mo na daddys girl tayo eh :p

    Patok si zoila and friends! Si bf tawa ng tawa sabi ko nga ayaw mo manood ikaw pinaka malakas na tumawa hahah! Tama ka pwede magkaron ng sitcom sila joross! Isama pa si janus lahat sila kasali sa movie ni cathy garcia-molina eh.

    At sana si mikee eh asawa nalang ni kuya rowell hahaha!

    Wait the airport scene nakakakilig!! Naalala ko agad dito si andi manzano na fave ko! Don kasi nagpropose bf nya tapos may mob din!

    Bet ko din wedding gown ni sarah!

    Wish namin may part 4! Yung pagiging buhay may asawa naman. The best movie to and accdg. To my bf no dull moment!

  4. Kainis tong blog mo,naiyak ako naalala ko kase. Bakit kase binasa ko pa yung favorite scenes na part, but all are very well said... Sbi ng asawa ko nung pinanood nmin to, papanoorin natin to dhil kay JohnLloyd mas cya ang may fave kay JLC, hehehe...
    he end up crying with me at gusto pa nyang ulitin namin...

  5. Hindi ako maka-reply sa thread nyo ni Joie. :) Pero I love it!!!! Si Mila gusto ulitin. Ayaw lumabas ng sinehan. Sabi ko, one time viewing na lang ngayon. Hindi gaya nung 20yrs ago. Eps! Hahahahaha... Ulitin natin !!!!!

  6. BIG WORD! Lol! In fairness naman talaga napaka gandang movie sa sobrang ganda hindi maka-move on yung asawa ko. Right after the movie nag post agad sa FB. Kalurks! We're not a fan of Sarah G pero napa elibs nya kami sa movie nato. Pero naiyak ako sobra, naka-relate ako sa ngyare sa family ni Laida kasi ganun din ngyare sa family ko, yun nga lang ndi na nagkabalikan parents ko. Hay. Ayan napa-emote pako! Lol! Laida and Miggy FTW! :)


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