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We missed all the good movies shown on February and March. That’s two months of not being inside a cinema. So seeing two movies in a week was definitely refreshing for me and my husband. After seeing the phenomenal It Takes a Man and a Woman last Tuesday, we went out of our cave today to catch the family-oriented animated film, The Croods, which happens to be a story of a family who lives in a cave. Nyahahaha!!!
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All my friends who were able to watch The Croods assured me that it is a very good movie. This set my expectations really high.

Nicolas Cage did really well in giving life to Grug – the overprotective head of the family. Ryan Reynolds lends his voice to Guy – the smart boy who changed the lives of the Croods. And my ultimate girl crush, Emma Stone, gave life to Eep – the naturally inquisitive yet hard-headed daughter of Grug.

Undoubtedly, The Croods is a very entertaining movie although there were a few minutes in the beginning that bored me a bit. After a few minutes of losing my focus, the movie was able to bounce back which made me regain my concentration. Special thanks to Guy’s pet, Belt, for making me laugh non-stop! Gusto ko siyang iuwi!!! :p

Aside from giving my jaw its much-needed exercise, there is more to this film than giving its audience a good laugh. It tells us that CHANGE is inevitable. It teaches us that we cannot be successful in finding TOMORROW if we settle with our routines, if we don’t RISK.

It is a heartwarming film. It touched those soft spots in my heart as the film speaks about family and how important it is to stick together despite the individual differences. Kids will learn to love their parents even more. It teaches parents that though it is their duties to protect their children, the day will come when they need to spread their wings and find their own destinies.

If you still haven’t watched The Croods, please do so. And don’t forget to bring your entire family with you! :)

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  1. Wanna watch it yesterday but companion and I settled for ITAMAAW. :) Nyahahaha! :)


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