In Full Battle Gear

I knew that my husband was planning for an overnight “trip” as his birthday present for me. A staycation is on top of my wish list so I already had an idea that he would be granting this when he asked me to pack my things for an overnight getaway. Hotels’ usual check-in time is 2:00 PM that’s why I was puzzled when hubby asked me to wake up early. He said that he’d leave the house at 6:00 AM, and he would return probably an hour later. He specifically told me that we should leave the house at exactly 8:00 AM. Since I am naturally inquisitive, I couldn’t stop asking him questions. I sort of figured out what he was up to.

When I woke up the morning after my birthday, he took out his first gift for me. He bought a complete set of hand, elbow and knee pads for me! Plus, he also got me a kite.

I specifically told him not to splurge on his birthday gift for me because we’re paying for our house. I knew that a staycation is already a stretch so I was pretty sure that he didn’t get me a bicycle. He told me that we would just rent one in CCP complex. I insisted that bicycle rentals have been long gone in that area. He then told me to stop asking more questions. Ang kulit ko kasi! Frustrated detective ako e. :p

When we reached the CCP complex (I think it was near the Coconut Palace), he opened the car trunk. A familiar bicycle, the one that belongs to his nephew greeted me. It’s missing a left pedal. I hit the protruding metal, and I got my first injury! I wasn’t even ON the bike yet! :p

Hubby then put on my gears. He even borrowed my dad’s helmet. He then excitedly took out the camera and took this photo.

DSC_1197 Me in full battle gear “riding” a bicycle of a 10-year old

My first biking lesson took a grueling one hour. As mentioned from my previous post, my balancing skills are really bad. But I’m actually so proud of myself! I was able to move from one point to another. Who cares if the difference between the two points is just five inches? :p

Boyet told me that we won’t stop until I completely learn riding a bicycle. He promised me that he’ll make this his LIFE MISSION. We both hope to cross this out of my to-do list.

They say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I beg to disagree. It may be difficult, but it’s possible!

P.S. Please pray for me... and my legs. :p


  1. Awww ang sweeeeeet ni hubbbbbby! Kinikilig ako while reading this post! :)

  2. Never ever give up! Would you believe I learned to bike using a kiddie bike (the one with no balancer)? I was a six grader then, so imagine that. Pagsakay ko sa bike na pang-adults, marunong na agad ako. Wala ng adjustments. Ang saya lang! :)


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