Where To Eat In Bicol: Bigg’s Diner

One of the perks of staying in Ellis Ecotel is the accessibility of various restaurants. As soon as we were settled, I knocked at the adjacent room’s door to invite Jeff and Joie for dinner. We spotted the more familiar restaurants situated in Embarcadero de Legazpi, but we wanted to try Bicol’s finest. We were all looking for a place that serves Bicol Express and laing. But Jeff took out his list of our go-to places and pointed out that Bigg’s Diner is included in that list. Without thinking twice, we sped inside this lively restaurant.

Only a couple of tables were occupied so it was easy for us to find one. We were immediately greeted by very friendly staff members, a very unusual sight for those like me who have spent years in Manila with mediocre customer service. Bigg’s Diner is one of the popular restaurants (probably even the most popular) in the Bicol region. We actually saw two Bigg’s Diner and only one Jollibee branch during our stay. That says something about Bigg’s Diner’s popularity.

Bigg’s Diner offers food choices that you usually find in a fast food menu, but they have managed to inject some of Bicol’s specialties in some of them.

For starters, Jeff and Joie thoughtfully shared the French Fries they bought. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything notable about the fries.

DSC_0708 French Fries

Jeff read from forums that Bigg’s Diner’s Cordon Bleu is a big hit. I wasn’t able to taste it. But basing from Jeff’s looks throughout dinner, he wasn’t happy with it. He complained that the oil used for frying tasted old. Medyo maanta daw. Boyet got their Bicol Special. He echoes Jeff’s complains about the taste of the pork chop. The laing side dish was ok, but I find the serving size too small.

DSC_0710 Bicol Special PHP135

Though the boys were not lucky with their food choices, Joie and I enjoyed our big, fat burger. I wasn’t surprised when I found out that we were getting the same burger. Traveling and spending lots of time together for almost five years, I’d like to think that we already have the same wavelength. Bigg’s Diner’s Extreme Supreme Burger has the usual burger patty, bacon, dressing, onion, lettuce, tomato and cheese. I initially didn’t find it EXTREME as to how Bigg’s tries to suggest. First bite was so-so. Second bite was surprising. The third up until my last bite transported me into BURGERLANDIA! Of course that place only exists in my mind. The patty was cooked well, but Bigg’s was able to retain its juiciness and tenderness. If my taste  buds served me well, my guess is that they put rosemary on their patty. It was definitely one hellaova burger! :p I may have already been contented with the taste of the burger patty, but the crispy bacon was absolutely a very good addition. Joie and I could not stop saying, “GRABE ANG SARAP!” The boys were probably dying of envy. :p

DSC_0719 Extreme Supreme Burger PHP139

As soon as I saw the poster of buffalo wings, I convinced the group to share it with me. It’s not too spicy so the average non spicy food eaters can probably take it. But it is spicy enough for people like me who puts chili in almost everything. The dip is also delicious as it balances out the spiciness of the chicken wings.

DSC_0729 Buffalo Wings PHP148

We already placed our orders when we saw the paper placemats on our table. We didn’t know that Bigg’s Diner’s signature dish is their fried chicken. Out of curiosity, we went back to another branch of Bigg’s Diner the following day. We were too hungry after a very tiring day in Donsol (that on a separate post) so we decided to grab a very late lunch at the nearest restaurant we could find. Bigg’s Diner was there to the rescue.


I left my camera at the hotel since we would be spending almost the entire day in the middle of the sea. I wasn’t able to take photos of our second time in Bigg’s Diner so you just have to trust everybody’s raves about Bigg’s Diner’s fried chicken. It’s crispy, juicy and very flavorful. It deserves all the praises it’s getting. Oo, pumunta kami sa Bicol para kumain ng fried chicken, burger at fries. :p Don’t worry, we went to one restaurant on our last night in Legazpi where we ate nothing but Bicol’s best!

Bigg’s Diner
Embarcadero de Legazpi
Port Area, Legazpi City, Albay


  1. My curiosity was piqued with the way you talked about Bigg's Diner's burger! Haha, sana makapunta rin ako ng Bicol to try that. :)

  2. Bicol, is my province! Particularly in Legazpi and Masbate, but I have relatives in Naga too. I must say napaka ganda talaga ng Legazpi kahit isang beses palang ako nakakapunta dyan. As in! But I really enjoyed our stay there. Madaming magandang beach in Masbate!


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