Hotel Review: Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila

After my first biking session with hubby the day after my birthday, he brought me to an unknown location. I had no idea where he was bringing me. He just promised me that he would cross out the first item on my birthday wish list. Weeks before my birthday, he asked me whether I wanted to have a staycation at G Hotel. I wanted to, but I specifically told him not to splurge on his birthday gift for me because we’re on a very tight budget.

I dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up when I felt that our car stopped. With only half of my eye open, I saw a very familiar place – Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila. We were supposed to book this hotel for our wedding preparations, but they opted to refund our reservation fee because they would undergo renovations.

We asked the guard on duty where we could park our car. He told us that we could just park beside the hotel and assured us that they have 24/7 security within the vicinity.

Checking-in was swift. Boyet was assisted by a very friendly receptionist. It only took him around five minutes talking to the receptionist and filling out forms. We arrived at 12:30 PM, an hour and a half early for the 2 PM check-in time. But the receptionist told us to just wait for a few minutes while she checks if our room is ready. While waiting, a glass of orange juice was served to us.

DSC_1201 Receiving Area

Even before we could finish our juice, we were informed that we can go to our room! I already had tons of plans in my mind. I’m going to eat. I’m going to sleep. I’m going to watch TV. Repeat cycle 85 times! Mwahahaha!!!

The first thing I noticed was the elevator. It wasn’t the same as my recollection from two years ago. It has better lighting. It’s now less scary. And it’s now HI-TECH! Parang touch screen ang peg. Amazing! :p Brides will now have better “elevator shots” when they choose this hotel for their wedding preparations. :)

Our bellboy Jhomar brought us to our room which is on the third floor of the hotel. Kudos to Hotel La Corona for having readable name plates for their staff members. It’s easier to call them by their first names and easier to note down those who are not doing their jobs well. *insert evil grin here* But then again, Jhomar was very warm and friendly. He gave us a short tour of our room and taught us how to use the room key without making us look stupid. :)

The first thing I saw was the humungous bed! I told myself, “This is where I’ll eat, sleep and watch TV.” Aside from being big, our bed is also so comfy. Paired with pillows and blankets which are just as comfy, I was already planning how many hours I’d hibernate. In my head, I made it sound like an evil plan. >:)

Our room has several dim lights which gave it a very romantic vibe. Yahooo! Romantic! Walang roma-romantic sa gustong matulog! :p But seriously, I love it!

Across the bed is a wall-mounted TV which has a very good cable reception. Hubby and I spent hours watching Disney Junior shows. Our cable provider at home does not have Disney Junior so we were ecstatic to meet Handy Manny and the entire Jungle Junction gang! Nyahaha!

While I was checking out the rest of the room, hubby finally admitted what I already knew. “Si Joie nag-book neto e. Hindi kasi ako marunong mag-book ng cash sa Agoda, so credit card nya ginamit nya.” Bwahahaha! IKR? He also told me that Joie was able to book the same room that he was trying to book at a discounted rate. At that moment, I gave up all my hopes that my husband can plan a vacation. Thanks, Joie! This is why he saved your life. :p

Aside from the two bottled water placed at our bedside, complimentary coffee and tea are also provided. Cup noodles, cookies, refreshments and some chips are also available at reasonable prices.

Now let’s go to the bathroom. I am very particular with hotel bathrooms. Luckily, Hotel La Corona exceeded my expectations. Though different from the white-tiled bathrooms found in the usual hotels, Hotel La Corona’s bathroom probably tried to blend in with the room’s interiors.

I love their rainfall shower head. I’ve been to a few hotels with such system. For some odd reason, I enjoyed taking a bath with this compared with the usual angled showers. And to add more praises to our bathroom, a bidet is available! I should probably start a movement and name it “Install Bidets or Get Out of Business” and target hotels all over the country. If this happens, Hotel La Corona gets a “certification” in an instant. :p

Aside from fresh-smelling towels, basic toiletries were also provided.

Plus points that they have Bible. I didn’t use the hair dryer. But it’s presence is another plus point.

As soon as I finished taking photos of every corner of our room, I started executing my "plan". I went online to check the hotel's internet connection. It's very fast! I went online to check my email, Twitter and Facebook. I went offline after a few minutes because I didn't want to deviate from my "plan". After watching a couple of CSI episodes via AXN, I fell asleep. Hubby then woke me up as he bought some snacks from Jollibee. After my meal, I brushed my teeth and went back to sleep. I woke up around 6PM. I took a bath and went down to the hotel’s restaurant to grab dinner. What a life!!! Can I have my birthday celebration again next month?! :p

Anyway, I wore a dress and put some makeup. Makeup for me means BB cream, mascara, blush on and lip gloss. But still, I came prepared! On the other hand, hubby went to dinner with me… in shorts and sandals! Wow naman TSONG! Hiyang hiya naman ako sa preparations mo sa date natin. :p

Hubby continued watching the Djokovic-Murray match at the restaurant. Hubby got Bistek Tagalog while I had one of their bestsellers. I forgot its name but there’s “inasal” in it. Both were really good. And since it’s my post-birthday celebration, I got ice cream for dessert! Happy wife, happy life!

Kudos to Glenda, the waitress who assisted us and gladly took tons of our photos. Her name tag states that she’s only a trainee, but her service was already impeccable. :)

I came prepared with my swimwear, but the hotel does not have a pool. Unlike those hotels along Roxas Blvd., there was nothing much to see around the hotel. I actually didn’t care that much because these things would just be hindrances to my sleep-eat-tv cycle.

We woke up around 8 AM the following day so we still had ample time to catch the breakfast buffet. Only a couple of tables were occupied when we had dinner the night before so we were in no rush for breakfast. We were actually both surprised that most of the tables were already occupied. I didn’t realize that there were actually a lot of guest during our stay.

A lot of guests, mostly foreigners were lining up in the buffet table so I just opted to take “stolen shots” of it from afar. I don’t want to be rude. :)

Warm and friendly smiles were given to us by their staff members, specifically Kim and Ryan. I’m really good with names! Both offered us coffee and were prompt to address all our requests. Ang sarap ng mga ngiti nila sa umaga. At ang cute ni Kim. Teehee! FYI, girl si Kim. :p

The buffet choice may not be extensive, but the choices were already enough for a filling breakfast. I am not that bitchy to complain that they served me fried rice, egg and bacon. Who complains with bacon?! They also served asian noodles (a.k.a. mami) which hubby tried. I got some bread and was able to try some of the spreads. I would have wanted to have some cereals, but I was already full. I settled with yogurts instead.

We went back to our room after breakfast. We started packing our things as we are scheduled for check-out at 12 PM. Hubby knows that I want to watch Be Careful With My Heart so he called the receptionist to ask if we could extend until 1 PM. Given that they already allowed us for early check-in, I was thinking that a late check-out wouldn’t be granted. But since birthday girls are usually lucky, they allowed us to extend.

Hotel La Corona definitely did great with their renovations. I loved our room. And did I mention that our bathroom has a bidet?! Paulit-ulit talaga?! :p Their amenities may be limited. But their first class service is undeniable.

Thank you for making my birthday staycation a very relaxing one! Until we meet again! :)

Best Western
Hotel La Corona Manila
1166 M. H. Del Pilar St. cor. Arquiza St.
Ermita, Manila

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  1. ang ganda! gusto ko yung color.. lalo na ung bed! itsoBIG :D kasya pa kame ni jep :p bwahahaha.. oy a.. nakakatuwa si Boyet, pina double check ko pa kay Jep ano difference ng pinili nia na hindi discounted sa discounted =)) mahirap na mapagalitan pa ako :p pero very nice siya :D


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