Book Review: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Sam is a bitch who happens to be friends with other bitches. Then, she died.

Have you ever wondered how your last day on Earth would be? People say that your past experiences come flashing back at you. It was different for Sam. She was able to relieve her last day, and not just once.

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She was able to do everything in this process. She did stupid things without minding the consequences because there’s literally no tomorrow. She kissed her teacher and went shopping using her mom’s credit card to name a few. But she figured out that her second chances are not meant to be spent that way. She needed to resolve her issues. She had to fix relationships that have long been broken. She needed to save a life.

I found myself laughing, crying and even getting angry while reading this book. Lauren Oliver successfully played with my emotions.

It speaks of how our words and actions affect the lives of the people around us. It dissects the sad truth about bullying, how those who are bullied get scarred for the rest of their lives, and that the bullies are just as troubled as they refuse to believe.

The book speaks about family. Too bad though that Sam learned to value hers a little bit too late. But she’s still lucky as not everybody is given the same chance she had.

The book speaks about true love. Some girls spend a lifetime chasing the man of their dreams not knowing that the right man is just waiting for them all along, waiting to save them, and waiting to be their hero.

The book speaks about life, and how it should be valued. We work so hard to become pretty, popular, wealthy and interesting. We always want to get ahead. We always want to be on top. Along the way, we lose our life.

I had a hard time reading the first few chapters of the book. I had to put it down once in a while. But something in it made me come back. And I’m glad I finished it. I was hoping for a different ending, for Sam to have her happy ever after. But this book is not meant to make its readers happy, it is meant to teach an important lesson. And I’m glad I learned it.

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