A Breeze of Good Deeds #39: Words From Jaime Fabregas and Dr. Seuss

I’ve been sick for days. And people close to me probably know what happens when I have more time in my hands. I always come up with posts like this – random and introspective.

Last week, I received two bizarre email messages asking me to book them for a trip to Ilocos and Palawan. Guys, I AM NOT A TRAVEL AGENT. Hahaha! For years, I have been getting email messages requesting 50 orders of lemon chicken. I thought that was already weird. I really find this very funny because I know that a lot of bloggers experience this. Anyway, I got two messages for two consecutive days from readers which somehow made me feel a little better.

First is from Madz, a reader I got to know because she found my blog while looking for a wedding caterer. We used to exchange email messages until we became friends in Facebook and followed each other on Twitter. I won’t be posting the whole message here because some parts are confidential. But here’s a snippet.

Napaemail lang ako bigla kasi super stress relieving yung blog mo :) I love to travel and I love food pero ayun naghuhulog na din ng bahay kaya tipid tipid na din :P

Nakakainspire, nakakatouch, nakakagutom at nakakatuwa ang mga post!

Keep it up! Go go go sa pagbabike!

Then yesterday, I got another message on my Facebook page (Go, LIKE it!) from another reader named Joanna.

hi i have read your posts.. lalo ako naiinspire mag travel :)

When I started blogging years ago, I never imagined that people will actually get INSPIRED with the stuff I post on this site. I actually got birthday greetings from some of my classmates who said that I inspire them. What’s more surprising is that I have always thought that these people didn’t like me. :p

I don’t deny the fact that I am bitchy at times. There are days when my patience level is really low. I am definitely not a saint. I may not post bible verses all the time but that doesn’t mean that I don’t live according to HIS WORD. I am definitely not a saint. But I know my heart. And I know that I have a GOOD one. Just what Father Cito (Jaime Fabregas) said to the very young Juan dela Cruz, “Pilyo ka oo. Makulit ka oo. Pero hindi ka salbahe. Mabuti ang puso mo, ‘yan ang tandaan mo.”

In case you’re not convinced by Jaime Fabregas and you choose to believe that silent voice within you which says that you’re of no value, this is what the genius Dr. Seuss wants you to know.

seuss Photo taken from etsy.com

There are times when people sort of make fun of me because I am a “blogger”. There are times when I get comments which discourage me to continue writing. There are trolls and haters who just love to hate. Even my best friend Aubrey gets her own shares of hate messages. That is why I WILL NEVER HAVE AN OOTD POST ON THIS BLOG! :p But even with the hate messages and endless bullying that she's getting, she continues being herself - a self-confessed chubby fashionista!

I blog my travels not to brag about the places I’ve been to. I blog because I want to inspire people to see the world. I want people to realize that life goes beyond the four corners of their office cubes. I want my readers to know that traveling gives a great deal of fulfillment which most of the time leads to self-discovery. There is more to traveling than taking tons of good photos. With traveling, you make memories. You make new friends.

I write about food because I love food. Good food is a gift from God so you have to rejoice over it. I write about even the most random stuff because I know that somewhere out there, there may be a wife who is experiencing a rocky marriage who may find comfort with my words. Somewhere out there, there may be a stressed employee who may find joy with my crazy stories.

The next time someone accuses you of being fake, bad or weird, remember these words. When people tell you that you’re not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, always remember that YOU ARE SPECIAL. For there is no one alive who is Youer than You! :)

P.S. Thanks, Madz and Joanna! ^_^

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