Kite Flying in Luneta Park

Basing from my title, my most loyal readers probably figured out one thing – that I was able to cross out another item from my bucket list! I told you, I’m really serious about this. But I didn’t realize that my husband was more serious. Do you still remember when he told me that teaching me to ride a bicycle is now his LIFE MISSION? He didn’t stop there.

Aside from the biking gears and staycation, he also gave me a kite. We were supposed to use this when I first tried biking, but we ran out of time. We planned to come back the following weekend and bring our nephews and niece to join us.

We parked our car across Quirino Grandstand and immediately joined the other kite flyers. We then realized that we forgot to bring a thread so we had no other choice but to a buy a kite for PHP50.

Sorry for the poor photos. Hubby only used his camera phone.

1360158247468Me with my partner Niña

We also brought the kids’ bicycle. But after a poop got stuck on the front wheel and the other got deflated, my biking session had to be cut short. HAHAHA!

1360158249165 Still in my biking gears :p

I have always thought that flying a kite is hard. When I was young, I used to watch boys my age get frustrated when flying their kites. I was expecting it to be as hard when I try it. It wasn’t windy that morning, but I was successful on my first try. And then I started singing… Matayog ang lipad ng saranggola ni JEJE! Bwahahaha!!! Sino ba kasi si PEPE? :p

Rai, our 2-year old nephew also wanted to try kite flying. SAYANGGOYA din daw siya!

Boyet and I could not believe what was happening. Rai didn’t have the slightest idea what he was doing. We just tell him what direction to run, and he follows. But the kite always flies higher when it’s his turn! May bearing ba sa height ng kite kapag bulol? :p

1360158433609 O baka kasi, ganito dapat ka-serious?!

I asked myself why it took me so long to try such a fun activity. Couples and families nowadays spend a fortune just to engage in activities to relieve stress. We stress ourselves planning out of town vacations and empty our wallets after spending a few hours in the mall. We laughed endlessly that morning. The kids had a wonderful time. I made one dream come true. And all these things only cost us fifty pesos. ^_^

Bucket List Standing as of  February 3, 2013: 13 out of 20!

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