It's Mah Betdey! :p

I am a very sickly person. I grew up going in and out of the hospital. My body used to be a haven of all kinds of antibiotic. When I was a child, I thought that I’d die before the age of 16. I knew that I’d never experience having a prom date and being a debutante. I had a hard time deciding what course to take in college maybe because I wasn’t expecting that I’d live that long. I know that it’s too morbid for an introduction to this post, but I realized that God has allowed me to live a full life all these years. Each day is a continuous reminder that my life is too precious to be wasted on hatred and anger. This year, I am slowly starting to declutter my life. Decluttering does not only refer to material things and letting go of nonessential stuff. That also includes getting out of relationships that drain me and turn me into a monster, and choosing to be with happy people who make me happy too.

A couple of days ago, I made a realization. God always has amazing ways to make even the most random things fall into His perfect plan for us. I'm amazed every single day. A lot of the questions I asked ten years ago make perfect sense now. And I am very grateful that my age is proportional to my degree of wisdom. Oh how I wish it’s also proportional to my height!!!

As early as now, I would like to thank those family members, friends and colleagues who have sent their birthday messages my way. Thanks to my readers for making me a part of your lives. Some bloggers give away awesome stuff, but you have all managed to stick with me even if the only things that I can give out are my crazy stories.

I already had two birthday celebrations, one with my Navitaire friends (nakisabit ako sa birthday celebration ni Nanet) and yesterday with my Towers Watson teammates. If everything goes according to plan, I’m going to have a very busy birthday. After going to church, I’m meeting up Joie for some girl bonding. Hindi rin masyadong girl bonding kasi kasama ang mga jowa. I’m not sure if Aubrey can make it after the Be Careful With My Heart Sabado Rewind! Ganyan ang mag bestfriend, inuuna ang telenovela kesa sa feelings ng kaibigan! :p Then, I’ll have dinner with my family. On Sunday, I don’t have a single idea where my husband is bringing me. He asked me to stop asking questions and just pack my things for an overnight trip. For the first time, I’m letting him surprise me. (I’ve busted all of his surprises in the past.)

I’ll make the most out of this birthday because this is my last chance to be in the 20s zone. Next year, line of 30 na! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :p

So today, I will..

keep-calm-it-s-my-fucking-birthdayMy blog is too wholesome for the original photo taken here ^_^


  1. Can I disagree with the "only things that I can give out are my crazy stories"??? hehehe.. I think you inspire a lot of people with this blog it's not easy to share life experiences thru writing...
    Have a lot more Bday to come!!! Waiting for the post bday blog... :D

  2. Happy birthday Je!!! :D

  3. Oi ah! Hahahahaha! Ang ganda na kasi ng be careful eh. Hahahahaha! Tska humabol naman akoooooooo...

  4. Belated, Happy 18th Birthday Je!LOL! Wishing you and Boyet(FC lang, first name basis talaga!Haha!) all the happiness in the world! And may all your wishes do come true! Godbless you and your whole family always! Stay humble and bumble!^_^


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