Buffet Lunch at Misibis Bay’s Spice Market

My close friends know how meticulous I am when it comes to food. That’s one of the reasons why Joie always asks my opinion when she bakes something for her My Sweets Haven. (Did you notice my shameless plugging there?) When it comes to food, I’m really very hard to please. So rest assured that what you are reading is a very OBJECTIVE post.

Prior to our Bicol trip, Joie and I read a lot of online reviews about Spice Market at Misibis Bay. Our day tour package already includes buffet lunch, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I’ve read countless of blogs saying that their food is mediocre; some even say that it’s not worth the price. Because of this, I didn’t expect too much from Spice Market.

Before getting our food, Joie and I scouted the food choices first. At first glance, I would have to agree with those bloggers who said that the buffet isn’t extensive. Compared to other buffets, the choices at Spice Market are a bit limited.

I skipped appetizers. I wasn’t in the mood to have salad. And my appetite no longer needs… uhmmm… appetizing! :p I know, my last statement does not make sense.

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet
We were seated beside the bread station so I saw a lot of breads falling on the floor. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the toaster. It has a conveyor but the part of the toaster that is supposed to catch the bread is too short. Maybe they should put a pail below it to catch the falling breads. :p

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet
Spice Market has a pizza station. Guests may choose what toppings to put, and the chefs prepare the pizzas from scratch.

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffetPhoto courtesy of Joie

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet 
Joie and I were so fond of the kuyas in this station! They are super funny and very friendly!

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet Photo courtesy of Joie

After a few minutes, the pizza was served to us. Surprisingly, we all liked it. The crust was cooked perfectly. All the toppings were fresh. The sausage stood out for me because of its rich and smoky flavor.

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet

There were two kinds of soup which unfortunately were too bland for my taste. There was plain and tinapa rice, and around 6 main dishes to choose from.

buffetPhoto courtesy of Joie
While we were eating, I asked something to Joie. For those who don’t know, Joie is from Pampanga. And here in the Philippines, Pampanga is very well-known as a breeding ground of good cooks. Joie’s family has also long been in the food business so her taste buds are just as meticulous as mine. I asked her if she likes the food. She nodded. There were some unforgettable dishes, but there are some which also stood out. They all loved the Schezuan seafood, but I’ll give five stars to the caldereta. It was oozing with tons of cheese, and the meat was fork tender that it could melt in your mouth in an instant. It’s one of the best (probably even the best) caldereta I’ve ever tasted.

We also liked the roasted beef. Joie couldn’t stop praising the shrimps and calamari from the deep fried station (nag-imbento ako ng name ng station haha) while I immediately fell in love with the lechon kawali. But my favorite was the fried chicken wings. It was so good that I asked hubby to get me another serving.

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet
As a rule of thumb, always leave some space for desserts! Hubby and I shared a glass of halo-halo. Do they use fresh milk? Because it tastes different, in a good way of course.

Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet
Misibis Bay, Bicol, Spice Market, buffet
P1010376 Photo courtesy of Joie

Fresh fruits were also served, but I was already too full to have some. I was able to try the cheesecake, brownies and chocolate mousse. I didn’t like the cheesecake. The brownies were just ok. The chocolate mousse was my favorite.

Because we generally liked the food, Joie and I came up with a few assumptions. Joie said that maybe the Misibis Bay people are reading blogs too. So with the number of not-so-good reviews, they did something about the food. I have three guesses. First, maybe because there were only a few guests during our visit so the chefs were not too pressured to prepare a big feast. Second, the chefs are inspired. Third, the old chefs were kicked out and replaced with new ones. HARHARHAR!


  1. Natawa ko sa 3 guesses mo! Yung sa pearl farm ata namin 2500 binayad namin but I think mas sulit sa Misibis Bay!

  2. Gaganda ng mga ideas mo tol! Pang matalino. Pinalayas tlga ung luma? Hihihihi.. I wanna try that one too. Maybe next year? Most likely not this year. :( Ugh! #PoorProblems Hahahahah

  3. Kakagutom! Your three guesses as to why their food have improved are likely to be true. Haha.

    Hope to visit Misibis Bay someday! :)

  4. Inggit ako, Je! Hehe.. Misibis Bay is among my must-visit places in 'Pinas.. one day soon ^^,

  5. i've heard good things about Misibis Bay, it's a must-see/experience when i return to Bicol. i generally like Bicolano cuisine because it's similar to ours (Ilonggo). the pizza looks good, i like the colors, too.

  6. Delishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and makes me drool like crazy by looking at all your delish foods here Sis :-)

    last weeks Food Trip Friday :-)



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