Water Activities at Misibis Bay

Make sure to read this until the end. You’ll never look at me the same way again! :p

After a very filling lunch at Spice Market, we rested for a while before heading to the beach. Our day tour package already includes most of the water activities.

There were Misibis Bay staff members and life guards who assisted us. They each asked us to sign a waiver before proceeding. But I told them that we already signed the same waiver at the information desk of the recreation area before we had the eco-park tour. They then handed us our life vests. I have to praise Misibis Bay because the life vests they use are of very good quality. Plus, they gave me a vest that perfectly fits me! Hula ko, pang kids ‘yun!

Kayaking is already too boring for me so I was very eager to try new things. We saw an unattended pedal boat so we immediately grabbed it. The boys did all the work, while Joie and I enjoyed like princesses.


Me: Para saan ‘to? Para kapag na-jebs ka in the middle of the sea?
Joie: Sira! Baka lalagyan ng pagkain ‘yan?!
Me: Ah ok, sige picture tayo!

Of course I was kidding when I said that this is a poop container! :p

We went back to the shore when the boys got tired. Joie then tried stand up paddle boarding. She was so enthusiastic to try it as she couldn't stop talking about it even before we reached the beach. After the life guard was finished giving us instructions, Joie and Boyet grabbed a paddle board each. As a last minute instruction, the lifeguard told them not to go beyond the rope.

P1010425 Joie

P1010428 Boyet

After a few minutes, Jeff and I noticed that Joie wasn’t moving from where her board was. Boyet was not far from her. We didn’t know what was happening, but I noticed that two lifeguards were alarmed. I saw Joie slowly tried to sit on the board while Boyet came closer to her. Jeff removed his vest and slowly swam towards Joie. I also saw a lifeguard on a kayak went to their direction. Jeff, hindi ka dapat lumangoy. 10 years mo pa masasagip si Joie! :p

When she reached the shore (still sitting on the board), she told us that a part of the board got tangled to the rope. She wanted to just jump, but she saw big rocks (and probably corals) on that part of the water. Aside from the fact that she remained calm all throughout this ordeal, my knight-in-shining-armor-lang-ang-peg husband rescued her! Remember that day Joie. You owe Boyet your life! Chos! :p

P1010430 Nakakangiti ka pa ha?!

My excitement to try stand up paddle boarding suddenly disappeared. I got scared because of what happened to Joie. I initially begged off, but Joie kept on convincing me to give it a try.

P1010433 Kuya, wagas ka naman makatawa!

Aside from trying out and learning new things, one thing I love about traveling is the fact that you get to discover something about yourself. You get to know your strengths and limitations. If you’re lucky enough, you may win over your weaknesses. There is one thing I learned from this experience – balancing is my kryptonite.

P1010434Take note of that guy in white! He will play a very vital part in my “self-discovery”

I was trying so hard to stand up on that board for what seems like forever. Everybody kept on telling me that I should spread my legs farther. My knees were trembling, but I really wanted to be able to stand up. First try failed. Second try was the same. I couldn’t stop shouting (and laughing) just to release the tension. I knew that I could do it, but the guy in white suddenly grabbed my life vest and made me stand up! HAHAHA! Grabe ka Kuya, anong akala mo sa’kin plastic bag? Binitbit mo akong parang kalakal! Ubos na ubos ang poise ko!!! Nang nagsabog si Lord ng pasensiya, tulog na tulog ka! :p

P1010436Kuya na naka blue, at nakatawa ka pa rin?!
Kuya na naka white, aba! At ikaw pa ang may ganang sumimangot ha?! :p
Ako naman, mwahahaha!!! I did it pansit!!!

I was able to stay on the board for a very few seconds. My knees were trembling, but I still tried my best to paddle. Then, I gave up. I jumped off the board and gave it to Jeff. Joie, Jeff and I took turns in using one board. Hubby didn’t let go of his! Nawili ang lolo niyo! :p

Jeff was so bochog so he initially had a hard time balancing as well. I kept on laughing because he was also laughing at me while it was my turn. I told him, “At least ako babae, hindi masyadong nakakahiya.” HEEHEEHEE! :p

While the boys were so busy being cool on their boards, Joie and I asked one of the kuyas there to take a photo of us. He took one shot, but he asked us to swap places with him. Against the light daw kasi. O, ha! :p Ang ending, parehong blurry. May nalalaman pang against the light. :p

When Jeff returned to the shore, Joie convinced me to try it one last time. I thought that I’d never get another chance so I gave it another try. The guy in white was no longer around. That means less pressure for me. Haha! :p

When I finally gained balance, my next problem was how to move. I was paddling, but I didn’t feel that I’m moving. Did you know how I managed to move? Well, Jeff PULLED my board! GRRR! Sabay sabi ng “O, ayan gumalaw ka na!” Ginantihan ako! @_@

As soon as Jeff left me alone (dahil pinagalitan siya ni Joie), I paddled away! Aren’t you guys proud of me?! Mwahahaha!

We all wanted to try hobie cat sailing, but the boat hadn’t returned yet when we finished the stand up paddle boarding. Despite of this, I still enjoyed the water activities at Misibis Bay very much. I never thought that a simple water activity can teach me a thing or two about myself. :)

Photos courtesy of Joie


  1. Very proud! Now we could do surfing!!!!! Taralets?! :)

  2. OH.MY.GOD!
    How much did u spend?
    Misibis Bay is so beautiful and so the activities. Sana makapunta din kami jan with my family.
    Kulet ng paddling acts. nyo. Depende ba sa weight para makagalaw sa tubig. hehe

  3. yes nakatayo siya o:p wala akong moment na pinalampas dian.. kada action mo may picture.. para may pruweba.. bwahahahaha :D


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