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I never imagined that paying for a house is this hard. I’m really good in handling my finances. But even if I thought that I was emotionally prepared to buy such a major investment, it’s still very difficult. Majority of our combined salaries go directly to a checking account so we’re literally just left with a decent amount to last until the next payday. The lifestyle we used to have needed to be extremely revamped. Don’t get me wrong because I’m not complaining at all. I was built for this. My parents raised me to be independent and self-sufficient. Kapag maiksi ang kumot, matuto kang mamaluktot. My parents have always reminded me to live within my means. And with what Nanet said, “Kapag nakabili ka na ng bahay, madali na lang lahat. Sisiw na lang ang mga susunod na gastos,”  I’m very much determined to make this work!

There are times though when I feel so “deprived” of a lot of things, but looking at the big picture (a house of our own) takes all the anguish away. Last Christmas, the only things I purchased for myself were two tops. No shoes. No gadgets. No new flight bookings. But I promised that I’ll make up to myself on my birthday. I created a wish list so I’ll have a picture of the things that I really WANT.


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Hubby and I have been to a couple of staycations last year. Traveling non-stop ever since we got married has started to take its toll on us. Even though we enjoy seeing different places and we love learning a lot of new things from traveling, there came a point when planning a vacation has become stressful. And since we want to make the most out of our short stay (and our time away from work), we usually end up really tired after a trip. So basically, I just want to stay in a hotel with a large bed where I can snuggle under the comfy sheets. In short, gusto kong mag kain-tulog with watching TV in between.


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My best friend Aubrey clearly emphasized that every girl should at least have one LBD (little black dress for my male readers :p). I used to have one. But since I gained weight, it became shorter that it was supposed to be. Plus, I don’t think it’s too versatile. I’ll probably get one which can be worn in any occasion.


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I don’t remember trying one because of the misconception that long dresses make petite girls look shorter. But as long as the maxi dress has the right cut and length, then I think I’m safe. Watching too much of WHAT NOT TO WEAR from the LIFESTYLE NETWORK, I found out that petite girls should wear maxi dresses that touches the level of the ankle. Any shorter than that will be a disaster.


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When I bought my Nikon D60 ages ago, I never had the chance to “upgrade” it. It is still the same DSLR camera I bought years ago. I kept on telling myself that I’d soon buy lens or flash, but that day didn’t come. I’m actually getting tired of my crappy photos in my blog, so camera lens or a new point and shoot camera will make me really happy.


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I love collecting sunglasses. That’s one of the many things that my father influenced me. He has a large collection of sunglasses. Mine is not as big, though. I have Oakley (my favorite), Levi’s, Fossil and even the MUMU (as in MUMUrahin) sunglasses. HAHAHA! I recently had a Ray-Ban, but I ended up giving it to Boyet because my eyelashes are touching the lens. Haaaayyyy! I’m still regretting why I didn’t buy one while we were in Singapore.


sling Photo courtesy of

I have a big fascination with slim bags mainly because using one gives me more room to move around unlike the typical bulky shoulder bags. Aside from this, I also feel more like a chic woman on-the-go when I use it. Feelingera ako e, bakit ba?! :p


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I’m one of the very few petite women who adores flat shoes. I don’t care if it doesn’t give me the extra needed inches because I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing flat shoes. My parents (and lately also my husband) always complain that I have too many shoes at home. They will never understand. :p BTW, I’m a size 5! Baka may mayaman akong reader na may shoe business :p


kikay Photo courtesy of

I put on clothes only because it is the only socially and morally acceptable thing to do. I don’t dress up to express myself or to have something for an Outfit of the Day blog post. I just put on anything that my hands can get on from the closet. I don’t accessorize. My best friend Aubrey told me that I may not be a fashionista, but my style belongs to the “socially acceptable” category. And I do that effortlessly. So the very few times that I do something beyond the usual like putting blush-on or wearing a dress, everybody gets shocked. I cut my hair and everybody’s asking why I did it. I wear a dress and everybody assumes that I’m going on a date. I never really felt the need to “look good”. Tiwala ako sa personality ko. Chos! But I realized that I’m actually enjoying getting out of the “socially acceptable” zone. So maybe this year, I’ll update my BB cream, eyeliner, blush-on, mascara stash. I’ll probably try to use a lipstick. Maybe I need to figure out how to use a liquid eyeliner or how to properly put an eyeshadow. I will probably try to match my shirt and jeans wardrobe with the appropriate accessories. I don’t know. Just, maybe.


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I love baking. But because of my busy schedule, this hobby needed to take the back seat. I felt the need to go back to baking after making tons of cookies last Christmas. But I didn’t realize that I still have a lot of things to buy to pursue this hobby. My silicone spatula needs to retire. Our mixer is already dysfunctional. And the list goes on. If I really want to pursue baking, then I must invest on it.


boots Photo courtesy of

I used to own a pair which I had for years, but I wasn’t able to save it when Ondoy hit us. A bit formal, it wasn’t as fashionable as the one above. But it served me well as I was able to use it for most of my job interviews and almost all occasions that require me to be on corporate attire. Having a pair of boots may look like a whim, but it will come handy when our trip on October pushes through. :p

I won’t die if I don’t get any of these. Hindi naman ako spoiled brat. But at the end of the month, I’ll really try my best to cross out at least one. Heehee! One lang, promise! >:)

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