Restaurant Review: Sushi-Ya

A couple of weeks ago, our family decided to have dinner at Sushi-Ya in Robinsons Manila. It wasn’t an easy decision, though. We surveyed almost the entire mall but couldn’t decide where to eat. My brother and I wanted to have pizza, but my mom begged off because she’s already tired of eating it. Since my dad remembered that Sushi-Ya’s miso soup is really good, we all agreed to give it another try.

I was just about to take a photo of the miso soup. E kaso nag-pose erpats ko, alangan namang ipahiya ko?! :p

For only PHP45, their miso soup tastes really good. I’m not really fond of anything with miso, but this was an exception. It has the right amount of saltiness. And the delicate tofu was a very nice addition.

DSC_0122 Unagi Teriyaki PHP250

My brother opted to go solo with his Unagi Bento Box. Aside from the Unagi Teriyaki, his meal comes with rice, Agedashi Tofu, four pieces of California Maki and a glass of iced tea.

I requested for Gyuniku Teppanyaki. My mom literally freaked out when she cut through the meat and noticed that it’s still pink. Just like me, she doesn’t really eat anything that’s not well-done. But since the beef was medium well, it was no surprise that it’s really tender. Mukhang hindi naman na humihinga ‘yung baka, kaya kinain ko na rin. :p

DSC_0115 Gyuniku Teppanyaki PHP230

If there’s Agedashi Tofu in the menu, we make it a point to get it. Being a family of tofu lovers, we’re really meticulous with how restaurants prepare such dish. Surprisingly, this passed our standards with flying colors. The tofu has that hint of sweetness which goes really well with the thick sauce.

DSC_0119Agedashi Tofu

My dad requested for Salmon Belly. Oo. 275 ‘yang kakarampot na isdang ‘yan! :p If you’ve been reading this blog since day 1, then you probably know that I’m not included in the biggest-fans-of-fish list, even if it’s something as expensive as salmon. But they all said that the salmon belly was delicious, so I guess we just all have to trust their feedback.

DSC_0126 Salmon Belly PHP275

What’s the point of going in a Japanese restaurant without eating tempura? Sadly though, the Ebi Tempura of Sushi-Ya was a downer. It was so oily and soggy. I don’t think they cared enough to simply drain the excess oil. The shrimps were small and quite bland too. Just look at the photo. Parang kahit 'yung mga hipon, hindi natuwa sa kinahinatnan nila. :p

DSC_0125 Ebi Tempura (5 pcs) PHP235

Their fried rice caused such a division in the table. My mom and I agreed that it was a bit salty, while Boyet and my dad disagreed with us. Since I stood by my belief that the fried rice was salty, I gave two tablespoons of it to my brother in exchange of two tablespoons of his plain rice. I mixed the plain and fried rice in my bowl which helped lessen its strong flavor. Teehee! :p

DSC_0129 Fried Rice PHP45

Level 2 Pedro Gil Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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