Product Review: Lovely Me:Ex by The Face Shop

Since I am a self-confessed late bloomer, I know absolutely nothing about make-up. I still remember when Aubrey saw me using blush-on a couple of years ago, she went berserk which caught the attention of every person inside the Greenbelt 3 restroom. Anyway, I told her that I was attending a friend’s wedding. I’ve attended a few weddings in the past, but this would be the first time that I would be attending as Mrs. Andrade. I was satisfied in going to weddings in my plain Sunday dress with baby powder and lip gloss. But I decided that it was about time to look like a decent married woman. :p

I didn’t want to spend a fortune by going to a salon. Kahit papaano naman kasi, may natural na ganda ako. So that’s when my ever reliable best friend came into the picture. I asked her to do me a huge favor. She spent hours lecturing me over IM on makeup 101. Her first lesson: Get rid of the baby powder! Switch to BB cream! As supportive as she is, she even did an entire blog post about BB creams. Based from that post, I was convinced to try Lovely Me:Ex by The Face Shop.

DSC_0220 Lovely Me:Ex PHP350

Even if I just use loose powder daily, I always make sure to put moisturizer on my face. But since Aubrey told me that this BB cream is moisturizer, concealer and foundation all in one, it surely does save a lot of time. Because I’m an idiot, I was so surprised when the BB cream “adjusted” to my complexion. No unnatural look. Walang Fear Factor na magmukhang na-overdose sa Chin Chun Su! :p

The makeup artist who worked on me on my wedding day told me that I’m gifted to have really good skin. Luckily, I don’t have blemishes on my face. But my eye bags have long been a source of my problem. But thanks to BB cream, the dark circles have been minimized.

After applying BB cream, I put some blush-on, eyeliner and lip gloss. Oo, lip gloss pa rin. Likas na kissable lips ang labi ko e! :p Anyway, when Boyet introduced me to the mother of the groom, she said “Ang ganda pala ng asawa mo!” Ehem! Ehem! Salamat sa BB cream! Mwahahaha! Partida, tapos na ang reception nung nagkita kami. In short, long lasting ang BB cream na 'to! :p

Here’s the more surprising twist. My mom told me that I look good with it. If you personally know my mother, she’s the epitome of a critic. She criticizes me all the time. I grew up feeling ugly because she’s not the typical mother who always tells her daughter that she’s pretty. So when she told me that I look good with the BB cream on, I almost died! HAHAHAHA!!! Napakapintasera ng nanay ko! Kahit ako, sinasabihang panget! :p

So here’s the most surprising twist. She asked me to accompany her to The Face Shop so she could get the same BB cream!

Inside The Face Shop
Mama: So anong shade ang kukunin ko?
Me: Walang shade ‘yan, magic yan e. Kusa yang mag-be-blend sa kulay mo. (Hidden Agenda: Kapag hindi bumagay sa'yo, sa akin na lang!!!)
Mama: Ah ganun ba? Teka lang, hanap ako ng lipstick.
Me: *Yari, hanggang BB cream pa lang natutunan ko kay Aubrey!!! Sana hindi ako tanungin!*


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