Product Review: Loafers From Shoebox & Me

I was feeling really bad last Friday which totally ruined my long weekend. Nothing could make me feel better that day, but hubby did everything to cheer me up. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I told him that I didn’t want to do anything in particular. I could probably swim in a pile of money and still feel down. So he told me that we should skip watching a movie and go shopping instead. He said, "Mas sumasaya ka sa department store kesa sa sinehan e!" I purchased a few pieces of clothing which were all on discounted prices. If you’re already married, the four most important letters to you are S, A L and E!

As we were about to leave the second floor of the mall where the women’s section of the department store is located, a strong force pulled me in another direction. I quickly retreated from the escalator and pulled my husband to a familiar spot. I’ve been to Shoebox & Me countless of times before, but it has already been a year since I made my last purchase.

My eyes were immediately glued to a specific design of shoes that comes in different colors. After 5 minutes, I was out of the store with a new pair.

Me: Ate, anong tawag dito sa shoes na ‘to?
Saleslady: Ma’am LOAFERS po.
Me: Ah akala ko top sider.

Kids, there was a time back in the 90s when we call this stuff as top sider!!! Pang tanders na pala ang top sider, loafers na pala sila ngayon! :p

DSC_0224Loafers PHP899

This is the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! The cushion is really soft so I’m comfortable that this will bring me to places without feeling any pain. Sa sobrang lambot, gusto kong gawing unan ‘tong sapatos na ‘to! >:)

Shoebox & Me
Level 2
Robinson's Place Manila

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  1. Can I say I love your loafers! My gulay, Je! That's a nice pair of shoes!


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