S&R: A Foodie’s Haven

S&R at BGC is just five cartwheels away from where I currently work. When there are birthday celebrations in the office, their pizza and ice cream are always present in our tables. I’ve been meaning to apply for membership, but laziness always gets in my way. So after a visit to the cemetery last November 1, I tagged the whole family to S&R. In fairness excited ako!

Aside from providing a unique shopping experience to its members, S&R is also a foodie’s haven. Since we arrived a few minutes after 12, we immediately got something for lunch after settling our membership. My brother and I told our mom to simply get a slice of each variety of pizza since my brother wanted to try their calzone again. But since being hardheaded is her nature, she defied our advice and got a total of 8 slices of pizza! She also got salad and 2 orders of Beef Roll and Vegetable Calzone! Heller! 5 lang kami! Mom said, “E akala ko 2 slices ‘yung nasa plato e. Malay ko bang isa lang ‘yun?!” I kept on rolling my eyes as she made more excuses. On second thought, she did have a point. It really looks like two slices of pizza.

We ended up eating the leftovers for dinner. But I was actually glad that my mom made such a booboo because their pizzas are really good! And oh, she forgot to get my favorite: PEPPERONI! Booooo, Ma! Boooo! :p

IMAG0157 Sa sobrang dami, hindi nagkasya sa frame :p

After lunch, we did what we came there to do – to shop! Ang daming sashal! Nag nosebleed ako sa mga Englishero! At next time, mag-e-effort talaga ako sa outfit! :p

Anyway, my mom kept on screaming how big the items are. Nakakaloka! Gusto namin siyang iuwi sa sobrang kulit! :p

Mama: (doing mental computation) Ok, mas mura dito. (Shoot sa cart)
All of us: (watching her in disbelief)
Repeat cycle 834 times!

Mama: Ang dami naman netong tissue na ‘to!
Me: E kaya nga mura kasi wholesale.

After 2 minutes
Mama: Ang laki-laki naman ng TIDE dito!
Me: E kaya nga mas makakamura ka kasi malaki.

After another 2 minutes
Mama: Ayoko neto, ang laki-laki.
Mama: Mga bwisit kayo!


I got tons of junk foods and toiletries that will probably last for 10 years! Nyaha! Of course, I took home these lovely muffins as suggested by u8mypinkcookies. These beauties are really moist and delicious. I ended up trying each within 24 hours!

P.S. Now I know how my mom felt when I kept on putting everything I could get my hands to in the shopping cart when I was a kid. The tables are now turned. Argh!!!

32nd St., 5th Ave.
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City


  1. try the clam chowder from S&R, sobrang sarap! :D I usually eat the pepperoni pizza and clam chowder.

  2. ui type ko din pizza nila!! bwahaha.. pati friessss!!! lahat biiggg!! sama mo ko next time :p fave ko ung Friday's na potato skins. hahaha

  3. Hahaha! Ang cute ng mom mo!

    Madaming masarap sa freshly baked pastries nila! :D Naku, maloloka kayo sa sale! Soooobrang daming tao, pero sobrang worth it! They usually have bedsheets and towels (and junk food and more junk food) na buy 1 take 1! Abangan! :)

  4. "Kaya nga tayo pumunta dito para bumili ng marami tsaka malaki para makamura eh" :p

  5. Winner talaga ang pizza sa S&R, I must say! Naku Je, you should go there pag sale, yun nga lang grabe ang pila, pag wala kang kasambahay lugi ka sa pila. Kasi usually ung mga amo papipilahin na nila ung mga yaya nila ng madaling araw palang then pag malapit na makapasok ung yaya tska sila darating! Pero grabe ang buy 1 take 1 pag sale!

    And I must agree, you should have an outfit kapag pupunta ka dito, marami talaga sashal! Buti nalang englisero ung anak ko, LOL! Si Cyler pang tapat namin sa mga englisero't englisera dun! LOL!

  6. We applied for S&R membership just this year and the P700 we paid was so sulit. Snacks pa lang nila, winner na! :)


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