Where To Go In Pagudpud: Saud Beach

Based from the blogs I read prior to our Ilocos trip, I noticed that more people opt to stay in Saud because of its proximity and probably the greater number of hotels/resorts compared to Blue Lagoon. People staying in Saud make sure to include Blue Lagoon in their itinerary. But since we stayed in Blue Lagoon, I think it’s expected to be the other way around.

Saud Beach was our first destination on our last day in Ilocos. Kuya Lenzer actually lives here, so he informed us the night before that the waves were really scary because of the recent storm and the effects of the southwest monsoon (habagat). According to him, Ilocos is a haven for surfers. But the waves in Saud get really big because of the habagat, which happens the same in Blue Lagoon when it’s amihan.

We went to Saud early in the morning, so there were only a few people in the beach. I actually saw a surfer who gave me the perfect entertainment while I was setting up my camera. Panay ang semplang ni kuya e! Bwahaha!!!

Because of the absence of a crowd, I was able to appreciate its beauty. The clear water and fine sand are very evident.

I had the impression that Saud is more commercialized based from the online reviews I read, so I don’t know why it was nearly deserted when we came. Either we were there too early, or Kuya Lenzer brought us to the part of Saud where it’s less crowded.

Saud provides a view of the Bangui windmills which I believe is an edge over Blue Lagoon. But comparing the two, my vote still goes to Blue Lagoon over Saud.

Saud was actually our last stop before leaving Pagudpud. Kuya Lenzer suggested we take a picture of the welcome arc since it was already dark when we first arrived in Pagudpud. Ah, now here’s an interesting story.

Notice the two vehicles behind us. They arrived just in time when Boyet and I were having our pictures taken. When it was Jeff’s and Joie’s turn, the group relentlessly took a spot under the arc! I know that we don’t own the arc, but they don’t too! Traveling over the years, having some random strangers behind you on your photos is inevitable especially if you’re traveling on summer and long weekends. But I seriously hope that all tourists will learn how to take turns. That’s basic GMRC!

DSC_1429  Ayan, wala silang matinong picture!

Our group opted not to react. As a matter of fact, it was Kuya Lenzer who felt really sorry for us. Dapat daw tinarayan namin. Ok si Joie, medyo nag-react. Patola ang lola nyo nung araw na ‘yun. Nagbawas na kasi ako ng katarayan sa katawan. I now choose my battles. Sign of ageing maturity. Siguro kasi may picture na ako kaya wapakels na ako?! :p

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