If I Had FB and Twitter Years Ago

I am a late bloomer, and my “cyberlife” wasn’t spared of this fact. I think I was the last person in my circle of friends to create a Facebook account. And when my friends decided to go to Twitter, I was still enjoying my own little private space on Plurk. Hala, zero na siguro ang KARMA ko dun! Wakekeke!!!

Even if I started a little late, I must admit that my virtual life is pretty much active, though not as active as those who tweet about their breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner and midnight snacks. And I’m definitely not as active as those who check-in even at a gasoline station’s restroom. And I'm absolutely not as active as those who change their relationship status 5 times in a span of 30 minutes.

So with all this Cybercrime Law brouhaha, I was forced to reevaluate my virtual life. It’s not that I’m scared to be sent to jail. I have quite a few political posts here in my blog, and I’m not deleting them. Anyway, in the middle of my deep thought of this issue, I found myself wondering. What would I be posting if we already had Facebook and Twitter years ago? Walang konek sa Cybercrime Law ang post na ‘to!

fbPhoto taken from corbytownfc.co.uk

So malamang, ganito ang mga posts ko dati. Hinati 'ko per "era" ng buhay ko. :p

1990 - 1996

Guys, 4:30 na! ANG TV na!!!
Mom, I'm running out of my Nenuco Cologne. 
Holy Sh*t! I forgot to ask my mom to sign my mass attendance!
Stop being a biatch, Lavinia! Tantanan mo na si Sarah! #AngMuntingPrinsesa
So effin' nervous for my Math quiz tomorrow!
Patintero na lang dinudugas nyo pa kami! Humanda kayo bukas, ako ang patotot! #BadVibes

1997 - 2000

Off to buy the latest Backstreetboys album! I love you, Nick Carter!!!
 Excuzzzzzeeee meeeeh! Hindi bading ang Spice Girls!
Draw lots for JS PROM? Why can't we choose our own date? What happened to FREEDOM?!
Crushie looked at me. I. JUST. DIED.
Bye, High School. Hello, College. #IHateGoodbyes

2001 - 2005

All my breadboards are no longer working. Off to Raon with @reigningstill #WalangTwitterSiErlie
Dear Jerry Yan, marry me! #MeteorGarden
Je is in a relationship with ... (Asa kayong mag namedrop ako!)
Excited for Harry Potter!!!
Hello, corporate world. Please be nice to me.

2006 - 2009

Ako! Ako na naman? Ako lang ba ang magaling sa kumpanyang ito?
Thanks for the performance points, but I need cash.
Bwisit ka Boyet! Inuna mo pa ang trabaho mo kesa sa date natin! Puro ka pangako!
Oh I just simply want to crush every single bone of your body! #AngEpalMo

Until now, I still have a problem with my edit button. I still struggle in filtering my thoughts. So can you imagine how horrible my posts would be if Facebook and Twitter came earlier in my life? Ugh! Baka kahit ako, ikahiya ko ang sarili ko. :p

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  1. Ang dami kong tawa sa post na'to! NKKLK ka talga je! And in fairness ah na-realize ko napaka active ko pala sa social sites kasi lahat pino-post ko! LOL


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