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At 60 years old, who would have thought that Liam Neeson can still kick a$s big time? Just last night, I told my parents that I don’t really remember Liam Neeson’s old movies. When I hear his name, Batman, Clash of the Titans, A-Team, Narnia, Love Actually and Taken enter my mind. None of these movies were shown earlier than 2003. Then my dad reminded me of DARKMAN! Oh yeah!

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In my mind, Liam Neeson is the coolest 60-year old on Earth. I really enjoyed Taken. Aside from his swabe moves and the way the movie made my heart skip a beat at every scene, it also made me think. Taken 2 is also a good movie, though in my opinion, not as good as the first one. Let’s just say that the first one is “smarter”, it made me scratch my head and my brain do cartwheels countless of times.

Again, Taken 2 is not a bad movie. I enjoyed the fact that saving those who were “taken” became a joint effort. His daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) is no longer as helpless and as hardheaded as she was in the first installment. At feeling ko, mas mahaba ang legs nya dito! 'Yung legs nya, height ko na! :p Hahahaha!!!

Some movies are not really meant to have a sequel. Sadly, Taken is in that list. I seriously hope there won’t be a Taken 3. If there is, the subtitle should be: DI NA NATUTO. O pwede rin namang WALANG KADALA-DALA ANG MGA LINTEK NA KIDNAPPERS. >:)

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  1. I watched and enjoyed this, too, though I agree it's not half as good as the first one. :-) But I'm easy to please and I'm a fan of kickass dads who would do anything for their family!


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