Where To Go In Pagudpud: Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a famous destination of tourists who are traveling to Pagudpud. But since we were staying at Agua Seda, this paradise was just within our reach when we’re not on the road checking out the other hidden gems of Ilocos.

It was already late at night when we first arrived at the Blue Lagoon that’s why I wasn’t able to appreciate its beauty right away. As a matter of fact, I even told myself that Blue Lagoon was not worth the rough roads and additional travel time. Nasuka-suka ako at sumakit ang puwet ko sa haba ng byahe at mala-abortion na daan para sa wala?!

But when I looked out from our room’s window the following day, I was astounded by the sight of the Blue Lagoon. Seeing parts of the water in different shades of blue was such a surreal view. Kaya pala blue lagoon, kasi errr… BLUE siya e.

The boys decided to take a dip on our second day despite the very heavy rain, while Joie and I enviously watched them from the veranda of our room.

I took these photos a few meters away from the shore which does not give justice to my claim. But since our room is on the second floor, the bird’s eye view is simply amazing. The water looks like a puzzle with each piece having a different shade of blue.

The sand looks a bit ‘disturbed’, a sight very far from the photos I saw online. But I bet it was because of the torrential rain every night. Other than this, I could not help but admire the splendor of this place. I lost count of the number of times I exclaimed how beautiful this place is. You can actually leave me here, and I won’t mind at all. Ok, siyempre dapat may sandamukal muna akong pera bago ko masabi ‘yun! :p


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  1. Jan din kami nag stay sa Agua Seda Je! So malamang kilala niyo si Letty Garvida?! Yung may ari? Sya yung nag luto ng food namin.. last na punta ko jan kita ko nga mukhang booming ang business niya hehe


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