A Breeze of Good Deeds #34: Man vs Woman

Before we got married, my husband and I had known each other for more than 11 years, 6 years of which as boyfriend and girlfriend. I thought that these numbers were already enough for me to fully know him. But as other married couples could attest to, you’ll learn something new about your spouse each day. And along the way, you’ll get to know yourself even better.

My husband helps me with everything, something that I’m very thankful to God for. But I couldn’t understand why women can manage to wash the dishes while cooking, with both the washing machine and TV turned on, something you can’t expect from a man. When I see my husband lying at night with both of his eyes glued on either the NBA game or Spongebob Squarepants, I used to feel irritated and taken for granted. Because when I watch TV, my other eye is on the laptop managing our finances or thinking of the tasks that need to be done for the next two weeks. There were times when I’d talk to him about something, and he ends up forgetting about it when I remind him the following day. “Sinabi mo ‘yun? Kailan? Sumagot ako?”

So before you decide to put an end to your relationship, why don’t you try to watch this? Hahaha!!! This will truly help you understand your partner more.

That sums it all. The next time your boyfriend/husband is quiet, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's not paying attention to you and your needs. He’s probably just in his NOTHING BOX!

One of the things that each spouse must understand is the fact that a man and a woman come from different molds. The sooner you understand these differences, the better. Don’t expect your partner to think exactly like you do. Don’t expect your partner to behave the same way you do. Learn to compromise. And besides, God made these differences and are meant to complement one another. That’s the beauty of marriage. :)

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  1. I totally agree Je! every individuals has differences and we should respect that especially if it's our partner in our life. Without respect there is no love at all. *Bow*


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