Top 10: Favorite Friendship Photos

Blame my dysmenorrhea for this, but my hormones won over me. I wanted to do a lot of things today, but my cramps are just unbearable. I was browsing my old FB photos, and one thing led to another. I then found myself laughing at some photos. And for some, I couldn’t help but feel sad because I haven’t seen most of them for a very long time. My idea was to list down my top ten favorite friendship photos, but I ended up choosing 30+ pictures. Trimming it down to ten was such an ordeal. Apologies for some of the poor photos, though. Hindi pa uso ang DSLR nung mga panahong ‘yun! 


This was not staged. We had no idea that we were being photographed. This picture was taken by Zel during our stay in Minnesota.

When I got the news that my previous company was sending me to Minnesota, they immediately told me that I’d be going with Red. My follow-up question was, “Sino si Red?” We were from different teams so the thought that I’d be going with a complete stranger was terrifying. The only reason we were going later than the others was because we both didn’t have a passport at that time. Haha! He started calling me Julia because we’d be traveling together to and from Minnesota. If you’re a 90’s kid, then you probably know Julio and Julia. Anyway, you’re probably wondering the story behind the picture. I am too! Until now, I don’t know what he was talking about that made me react that way!


Because I obviously bought the whole Minnesota, I had to repack my things three times. These two boys, Lloyd and JV helped me in packing and even offered to take home some of my stuff. Argh!

I actually miss these two guys. Like Red, they were also from a different team, so I never had the slightest idea that I'd get along well with them. Sarili ko ngang team, hirap na hirap akong maka-get along! :p I got close with Lloyd because we worked together in a project. He calls me Krissy (siya si Ruffie) and sometimes, MARE! Hahaha!!! I never thought that I’d get really close with these two guys. But most of my memorable experiences in Minnesota were spent with them. We had the most amazing food adventures. Walang sinabi ang Man v. Food! Hulaan nyo sino'ng pinakamatakaw sa aming tatlo.


This was taken during our Canyon Woods getaway on 2008. I really miss this group! :'( Had I only known that it would be our last getaway, I would have spent more time with them. Those were the days when we weren’t that busy yet with corporate bullsh*ts. We’re now scattered over different companies in different continents.

We played Twister before watching a horror movie. Sa sobrang competitive ng mga boys, wapakels na kahit magkaamuyan ng kung anik-anik! Sumali din kaming mga girls, pero prim and proper pa rin kami. Ogie, if you get to read this, this is one of your shining moments! :p


Hervi is one of my oldest friends, not to mention that our fathers have also been friends for almost 50 years. They left to migrate to USA almost a decade ago. So when I got the chance to go to Minnesota, I made sure to visit them in Seattle. They took me to Mt. Rainier where this photo was taken. In the center was Momay who was still very young when they left the Philippines.


I took this photo also during our Canyon Woods trip. When Joie was a newbie in our previous company, I already knew that Jeff had a big crush on her. Hay naku! Kailangan nyong marining ang love story netong dalawa. Mas alam ko kesa sa kanila! HAHAHA!!! Anyway, I already knew from the start that they’d end up together. I’ll be the happiest person when they decide to get married. Pressure much?!

So why showbiz couple? Years ago when people would ask them if they were dating or if they were already a couple, they always refuse to give an answer. When we go out on trips, I needed to be extra careful in uploading photos that would “incriminate” them and their "secret" friendship. Hanggang ngayon, hindi pa sila umaamin! Nyahaha!!! :p


Our Baguio adventure was our first long trip. We went to Baguio to witness the Panagbenga Festival. Those where the days when life was much simpler. Those where the days when Erlie’s schedule still permits her to go on long vacations. Kahit kaming bestfriends nya, kailangan magpa-set ng appointment sa bruhang ‘yan!


When I was tagged to this photo days ago, I got a lot of messages from my friends telling me that it’s not my type to sleep at work. I wasn’t sleeping! I wasn’t even aware that a monster was preying on me from behind! But I have to agree that this photo gave me a good 30-minute laugh! Hahaha!

Joseph is relatively a new friend. I met him in my new company. He used to "bully" me a lot because I was really quiet during my first couple of months in the company. He tells everybody, “Si Je nung first day namin, parang halaman yan e. Maliban sa hindi na nagsasalita, hindi pa gumagalaw!”


I met Debbie in Minnesota. She used to fix my hotel room. I started to leave “Thank You” notes to her. Surprisingly, she would answer back. Then one weekend, I got a knock on my door. She introduced herself and her first reaction when she saw me was, “You look like you're 15 years old!” HAHAHA!

There are days when I still dream of going back to Minnesota not for the burgers but to get another chance to see and chat with Debbie. When I decided to leave my previous company, Debbie was one of the first people to know. I told her that our chance of seeing each other again just became slimmer because of my decision. But then again, thanks to Facebook! :)


This is just a picture of two girls sipping mango slush. Sosyal kasi mango slush ng Singapore ‘yan e! I don’t know why, but this picture always brings a smile on my face. I just felt that I spent the craziest years of my life with Joie. I really thought that I’d stop making friends after leaving school. I never realized that it’s still possible to make beautiful friendships in a world where everybody competes. She’s my favorite travel and food trip buddy. Sabi ko nga kay Boyet, parang kabit ko na si Joie! :p


The above photo was taken at the end of my wedding reception. Aubrey and Erlie have seen my best and worst days. I never really made a lot of friends in college. College was actually not good to all of us. But we managed to survive it with each other’s help. When people used to judge me because of the decisions I made, these two would always tell me that I should not give a damn. Those people don’t know me, they do.

It may be an exaggeration, but if one of these two calls me in the middle of the night telling me that they killed someone, I’d go out without a doubt to wipe blood for them! Hahahaha!!! You can mess with me, but you can’t mess with these two girls. Yes, consider that as a threat, pinkhellokitty!!! >:)

P.S. I have 5 jackets so I don't know why I was wearing the same blue jacket in most of the photos above!!! I think I should wear that more often. I believe it's good in creating happy memories! :)


  1. Taba ni JV sa picture na yan! Hehe! Whaddyaknow, andun nanaman siya. :P

  2. hahaha.. may special mention din si pinkhellokitty?! nyaharhar! :) anyway, nung nakita ko ang title ng top 10 fave friendship photos nag iisip ako ng mga weird kong pictures na pwede mong i-upload. Thank God wala pa tayong camera phone nung naka-red pants ako kc sigurado akong makakasama yun sa top 10! nyahahaha.. love yow tol! mwaaaahh!

  3. hahaha.. na touch ako at natawa sa post na to :p love it.. gawa ka pa ng mas madaming top 10.. :) pede request? burgers.. ahahaha.. pataba ka pa :)

  4. Wow! May special mention din pala ako dito Jerlet! Oo nga kamiss din yung PRA group.. Gusto ko lang linawin for the record na malayo ang mukha ko sa *ano* ni MaRRRwin.. optical illusion lang yung parang ang lapit... pero milya-milya ang layo niyan!

  5. Hindi nga? di pa umaamins sina jeff at joie?! Akala ko sila?! LOL!Chismosang tunay lang ang peg! Hihihi


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