Restaurant Review: Maru Korean Restaurant

FTFBadgeHave you ever been in a place where you completely felt out of place? Have you ever experienced being like a puppy lost in a jungle? Well, I have been in that kind of situation when my friend Joie invited us to have dinner in Maru, a Korean restaurant at Macapagal Avenue. Prior to this, the only Korean restaurant I tried was Kaya. I’ve always wanted to explore Korean cuisine, but my husband’s taste buds are very sensitive to spicy foods. If it’s not Filipino, American, Italian, Japanese or Chinese food, then it’s not an option unless I beg him. I can always beg, but I opt to reserve this privilege for special occasions.

Anyway, Joie had been blackmailing me by declining all my invitations to try out some of the restaurants at The Fort. I made a deal with her that she should say yes to my offer once I agree to eat near MoA. We set a date, but it unfortunately fell on a payday Friday. To make things worse, it was also the start of MoA’s 3-day sale. I left the office early, but we were stuck in horrible traffic for almost two grueling hours. I told Joie to place the orders and get whatever she wants.

Joie chose a spot in the restaurant that mimics the traditional Korean dining experience. We removed our shoes and sat down on the pillow on the “floor”. I was perplexed when I saw the number of small plates on our table. I knew that Korean cuisine is known for their various appetizers, but I wasn’t expecting this much.

korean food, restaurant, kimchi, maru
korean food, restaurant, kimchi, maru
I just calmed down when Joie told me that all the appetizers are free. I immediately devoured everything, plate by plate. Aside from the kimchi, we all didn’t know what we were eating. I specifically loved the leeks (or was it green onions) pancakes. I also liked the tofu with the spicy dip on the side.

Aside from the various appetizers, we also arrived with a big pot of orange soup on the table. When I asked Joie what it is, she laughed and told us, “Ewan ko nga e. Ang sabi ng waiter para daw yang caldereta natin na maraming sabaw!” Pero ang gusto sigurong sabihin ni Joie, ang dami mo pang tanong, kainin mo na lang! :p

korean food, restaurant, kimchi, maru
The soup is really delicious. It has a hint of sweetness and a distinct savory aftertaste. It smells so good too! The chicken was very tender, and the potatoes were cooked perfectly. I was quite hesitant to try it. But after my first bowl, I tried more until I started to lose count of it.

And of course, Korean dining experience is incomplete without something grilled. Hindi ka galing sa Korean restaurant kung hindi ka amoy usok. Nyahaha!

korean food, restaurant, kimchi, maru
We all took turns in grilling these beautiful beef strips. The waiter advised us to dip the beef in their special sauce. When Boyet asked what it’s called, the waiter replied, “Ewan ko sir. Basta kalasa yan ng bagoong natin. Basta sir, masarap yan. Sawsaw nyo ‘yung inihaw.” Tanong pa kasi kami ng tanong e! Hahaha!!!

korean food, restaurant, kimchi, maru
Their house cold tea was the perfect way to wash down all the different strong flavors playing around our palates. We would have wanted to try out some Korean ice cream for desserts, but we were already so full.

If Google led you this site when you searched for authentic Korean restaurants, I apologize if this entry wasn’t as helpful as you hoped it to be. All of us had no idea what we were eating. But who cares? We enjoyed that dinner big time! ^_^

Maru Korean Restaurant
HK Sun Plaza
Diosdado Macapagal Ave,
Pasay City


  1. ako din super nag enjoy :) hahahaha.. kain lang ng kain.. wapakels ano yun. hahaha

  2. Mouth watering, Je!

    Have you tried Bulgogi Brothers? Their bulgogi is the best!

  3. the only decent Korean food i tried was also in Kaya. a Korean friend brought me to a Korean restaurant in Ortigas Home Depot but everything was too spicy my tongue was numb for a couple of hours.:p
    i'd go for the grilled meats, mas safe yon.:p

  4. I just love Korean food, great post!

  5. My knowledge of Korean food is limited to Bulgogi and Kimchi. Looks like you really enjoyed the food. Next time bring the hubs :) Visiting from FTF!

    The Twerp and I


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