Restaurant Review: Johnny Rockets

Working at The Fort for almost a year now, I find it really weird that my husband and I don’t get to explore the restaurants in the area. We usually go to Makati because we’re more familiar with it. And since my husband gets really sleepy after a meal, it will be a shorter drive home if we’re already in Makati. Anyway, that changed when I finally convinced my husband to celebrate our 16th wedding monthsary in one of the many restaurants along Burgos Circle.

It wasn’t hard for me to convince my husband to have dinner at Johnny Rockets after I started to tell him about my experience when I first tried it in Minnesota. 

Johnny Rockets has the interior of a classic American café. The crew members are also dressed up according to the theme. Roller blades na lang ang kulang. HARHARHAR! :p They actually dance every hour, but we were not able to see their performances because we decided to take the seats outside.

johnny rockets, restaurant, burger, fries, milk shake Bacon Cheddar Single PHP350

I know that I just had my big, fat, juicy burger fix 5 days ago, but I craved for more. I finally settled with their Bacon Cheddar Single after I scanned all the mouthwatering burgers from their menu. Thick burger patty, crispy bacon strips, cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes are sandwiched between soft buns. It was sinfully good, though my vote still goes to the T.G.I. Friday’s burger I had days earlier.

If you think that the burger was already enough, think again. They also serve thickly-cut French fries on the side. I was asked by the server if I wanted to upgrade it to unlimited fries for only PHP40. Geeez! Of course I declined.

I convinced my husband with all my might to try out their burgers. I failed. Instead, he got himself Hamburger Steak. Oh, the irony of marriage. Burger steak ang order, e di sana nag Jollibee na lang kami. Two-piece pa! >:)

johnny rockets, restaurant, burger, fries, milk shakeHamburger Steak PHP199

More than the burger, I was more excited in getting their rootbeer float. The one I had in the US was the best rootbeer float in the whole universe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available during our visit. I gave out my saddest (and weirdest) pout to the server and decided to settle with the Coke float instead. Sadly, it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. It wasn’t actually bad at all. I think my taste buds were just preconditioned for the heavenly rootbeer float. :(

johnny rockets, restaurant, burger, fries, milk shakeCoke Float PHP175

Though I wasn’t successful in convincing my husband to have burger that night, he followed my advice to get strawberry shake. All my disappointments with the Coke float suddenly disappeared when I took my first sip of hubby’s strawberry float. Now that’s what you call CONJUGAL PROPERTY! :p

johnny rockets, restaurant, burger, fries, milk shake Strawberry Milkshake PHP145

Johnny Rockets
Burgos Circle
Forbes Town Center,
Taguig City


  1. I so love Johnny Rockets! Lalo na ung strawberry milkshake nila!!!! Worth drooling!

  2. Look like they served american food.I'm sure my boys will love to go there.


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