Where To Go In Ilocos Norte: Bangui Windmills

Call me shallow, but two of the main reasons I wanted to go to Ilocos were to eat empanada and have a jump shot with the humungous Bangui windmills as my background. Mababaw akong tao e. Minsan sa sobrang babaw, hindi na 'ko maintindihan ng asawa ko. :p

Anyway, we saw the Bangui windmills on our way to Agua Seda on our second day in Ilocos. Have you ever felt that sense of excitement because the one thing you’ve been wanting and waiting for is just within your reach? I was that ecstatic when I first saw the windmills for the first time. But Kuya Lenzer told us that we’d go there on our last day. Patience is indeed a virtue.

We were in Bangui on a Sunday which also happens to be the second day of the first long weekend of August. We got used to “owning” the places we’ve been for the past four days, so seeing a large number of people somehow made us disappointed. But I didn’t travel up north just to ruin my mood. So I tried to enjoy the place as much as I could. Ang dami naman ng windmills e, proportional pa rin naman sa dami ng tao. :p

I didn’t waste any time. I took tons of photos of the sea and the windmills. Probably because of too much excitement, most of the photos were either blurred or out of focus. Only a handful are worthy to be posted in my blog.

On our way, my husband asked me what’s the use of the windmills. Uminit ang ulo ko. Palibhasa kasi nasanay ‘yan na kumukopya lang ng assignments ko nung college e. Nasabi ko tuloy, “Mainit kasi dito sa Ilocos ‘pag summer. Kailangan nila ng giant BENTILADOR!”

DSC_1436ME with the giant BENTILADORS :p

While I was busy taking pictures, I noticed my husband quietly checking out the movement of the windmills. He was wondering why the windmills were not synchronized. He was also trying to figure out how the windmills fit into being a renewable source of energy. For someone who didn’t even know what the windmills are for 10 minutes earlier, I find it really bizarre how he could dissect how the windmills work. Haha!

DSC_1455With Hubby

Windmill daw sila kunwari. E bakit 4 ang “elisi” ninyo? :p

Of course, I did what I needed to do. I can now say that I fulfilled one of my many lifelong wishes – ang mag jumpshot sa piling ng mga windmills. :p

DSC_1457 After one failed attempt, Boyet and I had this picture perfect jump shot.

Unfortunately, Jeff and Joie were not as lucky as we were. Joie didn’t trust Boyet with her camera because my husband can’t take a jump shot. That one, I have to agree. So Joie entrusted me with her camera, while Boyet took the following shots using mine.

Though I agree that taking jump shots is not my husband’s forte, it was not completely his fault. Jeff was so demure. ‘Nung nagsabog ng pagka-demure, sinalo lahat ni Jeff. Kabaligtaran naman ni Joie. And Jeff, you’re heavier! Harharhar!!!

There are a lot of stalls selling souvenir items nearby. Of course, the most popular item is the miniature windmill keychain. There are also a few restaurants in the area. And just in case nature calls, the place has very clean bathrooms. Surprisingly, they have bidets!!! :p

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  1. gusto ko din pumunta diyan je... kaso wala pa promo fare pauwi ng pinas :$ puro bangkok ang promo why oh why


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