Where To Go In Pagudpud: Bantay Abot

Bantay Abot is not far from the Timmangtang Rock Formation. In Ilokano, bantay means mountain, while abot means hole. So in direct translation, Bantay Abot simply means a mountain with a hole. :)

To see Bantay Abot, tourists need to go down a very steep path with uneven steps. I could hear my joints cracking each time I make one step. So if you’re going here, let go of your stilettos and tight-fitting mini skirts.

Aside from the troubles of going down, tourists also need to endure a rocky and slippery track to get through the cave. Jeff, Joie and I decided to just admire it from a distance while Kuya Lenzer accompanied Boyet to the top.

Compared to the silence of the sea while we were in Timmangtang, the waves when we arrived at Bantay Abot were getting bigger. Our stay in Timmangtang was literally the “calm before the storm”.

I tried my best to protect myself and my camera from the giant waves! We already started to feel the water slamming the edge of where we were standing so we decided to call it a day. As soon as we arrived at Agua Seda, the rain started to fall. We were just so thankful that we were done for the day before the heavy rains and strong winds hit Pagudpud. :|

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