Where To Go In Vigan: Hidden Garden

After Baluarte, our tour guide told us that our next stop would be Hidden Garden.

Zoo + Garden = Field Trip! :p

When the van stopped and Kuya Lenzer told us that we’ve already reached Hidden Garden, I kept on looking at the surroundings, searching for a clue that a garden exists nearby. I was expecting to go through long, winding and rough roads to reach Hidden Garden, but I was wrong. At first glance, nobody would have thought that such a place exists in a typical neighborhood. But then I realized, it wouldn’t be called HIDDEN GARDEN for nothing.

Again, the place does not charge guests of entrance fees, but donations are very much welcomed. When we entered the place, we immediately saw a lot of beautiful pottery products. I wasn't able to take any photos of it because I was engulfed with the “Celebrity Corner” which boasts of the many celebrities who have visited the place. I offered them to have my photo added there, but they refused! Of course, I was just kidding. Looking at the pictures, I realized na suki nila si Gabby Concepcion! :p

Upon entering the garden, I was instantly mesmerized by the sight. How I really wish that we have clean and grassy (and decent, if you know what I mean) parks with big trees in the cities. It’s absolutely a cheaper and healthier alternative for people to relax and unwind.

We took our time inside Hidden Garden, feeling the breeze of the air and the heat of the sun and enjoying the view of nature.

DSC_1041 Don Boyet

DSC_1046  With Hubby

DSC_1050 Jeff and Joie


That’s how we define LOVE! :p

DSC_1063 Lovers Jeff and Joie :p
Aside from having a restaurant which we never had the chance to try, they sell plants too. I was eyeing on these plants when a woman approached and offered us the plants for sale. According to her (and to the plant’s label), these plants work as air purifier which can filter dust, cigarette smoke and other air impurities. I was so tempted to get myself one, but I realized that it would be too much of a hassle to bring it to Manila.

I wasn’t really excited when I found out that we were going to Hidden Garden thinking that it would just bore me to death. But I found myself enjoying my brief stay at the garden and how merely looking at the plants is somehow a form of relaxation. I therefore conclude that you can never go wrong with nature. And yes, our future house should have a garden, kahit sa paso lang. :p


  1. may kulang sa picture.. ung favorite ko.. hahahaha

  2. Anong picture yun? Patingin!!! :D Ang cute ni Boyet! :p

    Nabasa ni Mark tong post mo bakit daw di ko siya pinasyal diyan last time haha! Hello?! We just went to Vigan for his competition plus we're with my family who's been to Vigan countless of times so roaming around wasn't really our plan. Buti nga pinasyal ko pa siya sa Baluarte hahaha! :p


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