Five Things You Don't Know About My Father

For years, I have been writing mostly about myself. There are times when you get the chance to know bits and pieces about my family and friends. Since today is my father’s 53rd birthday, this post is dedicated to him although there is a very slim chance that he’d get to read this. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably “met” my dad from my Father-Daughter Dance post last year. So now, I’ll let you know five more things about him.

1.    He hates wearing pants. (AHA! I know what you were thinking! You, dirty mind! :p) I don’t know why. His legs look really bad, but he’d rather wear walking shorts than pants. He only wears pants on VERY special occasions like graduations and weddings. If you could only see his closet, more than half of it is actually occupied by his large collection of shorts. So when I buy a new pair of shoes, our conversation ALWAYS goes this way:

Papa: Sapatos na naman?
Je: Mas marami pa rin shorts mo!
Papa: Hindi naman pakalat-kalat!
Je: E kasi, may tigalinis ka ng cabinet mo. (FYI, Siyempre nanay ko ang tigalinis niya)

2.    He shops like a girl, which is one of the many things that gets my mom really irritated. Give my mom an hour and she’ll be back with everything that she had planned to buy. Give my dad an hour and he’ll most probably be empty-handed.

3.    My dad is the #1 customer of HANDYMAN. And most of the time, he spends almost an hour checking out every aisle (in reference to #2). Who spends an hour inside a hardware store? Usually when we meet up for dinner after finishing our own “shopping tasks”, I check his purchases. And again, my usual line is, “Isang oras kang bumili ng bumbilya???” Hindi naman laging bumbilya. Minsan turnilyo o kaya battery. Pero pinakamadalas, bumbilya talaga.

4.    My dad has that very fierce hunger for knowledge. He wasn’t able to finish his college education. According to him, my grandfather forced him to take up an Engineering course even if he wanted to take up Agriculture. And also like my mom, my father is computer illiterate. Teaching them how to use cellular phones was a major headache for me and my brother. But in fairness to my dad, he has his own MP3 player although my brother does the downloading part. But despite of the changing times, my father tries his best to keep himself educated. He watches Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, BBC, Solar Sports, History Channel, pero favorite nya yung KARERA CHANNEL! Bwahahaha! But seriously, he can talk about science, history, sports and politics with so much conviction. Pede ko ‘yun ipanlaban kay Kuya Kim at Anthony Taberna! Favorite topic nya si PNoy. Pero hindi ko isusulat dito kasi baka paringgan ang pamilya namin sa next SONA nya. :p

5.    Since my mom gets easily angered by our jokes (a.k.a. PIKON), my dad takes full advantage of it. Pikon na pikon sa kanya ang nanay ko. And when my mom gets irritated, my brother and I would usually side with my dad which pisses her off even more. I really pity those kids with dads who don’t have a single vein in their body where sense of humor is allowed to flow. My dad is strict, but he has managed to keep our home a very happy place over the years. When my friends meet my dad, they usually tell him that I absolutely got my sense of humor from him. “Tito, sa inyo po pala nagmana ng kakulitan si Je.” So yes, I probably got 70% of my sense of humor from my dad. And I’m definitely sure that the remaining 30% is not from my mother!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tito! :) Mas pogi ka padin kay Abes! Hahaha.. love u! mwah!

  2. si jeff :p si jeff kaya din tumambay ng oras sa hardware store.. :p hahahaha..
    Happy Birthday :D


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