Reader’s Corner #3: I’ve Got Mail!

Contrary to popular belief that blogging (or writing per se) is easy, it’s not! Well, it’s easy if a blogger simply does a ctrl+c, ctrl+v of someone else’s work. Boooo!

Anyway, a lot of people have told me, “JE, ANG SIPAG MONG MAGSULAT!” But sorry to disappoint you guys, I’m not ALWAYS in the mood to write. Most of the days, I experience writer’s block, although I still refuse to be called a writer. There are also some days when I’m just too lazy to get off my a*s and start writing. Adding to my laziness is the fact that I still do get discouraged feeling that nobody cares to read whatever I’m writing here in my blog. But God is just awesome because He never fails to remind me that I’ve searched for my passion for so long, and now is not the time to quit and give up. Like today, I received a surprise “letter” from a reader who also happens to be my husband’s colleague.

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Hi Je,

You may not consider yourself a writer but you are one… a good one at that. Your blog is always an easy and pleasant read!

And yes, if I don’t know your hubby, I can imagine him to be tall, dark and handsome as Richard Gomez, protecting and coveting as Christian Grey, seductive as Nick McCall and  loving and devoted as Ethan Mirabelli. Sure, it could be love but it takes a brilliant writer and one hell of imagination on my part not to remember you’re talking about Efren :) …ahh it helps that you constantly refer to him as boyet :p

Keep it up!
Abi (peace Efren….hahahahaha)

Abi, we still haven’t met personally, but I remember you! As a matter of fact, I vividly remember you! You’re the one who sent an IM to Boyet telling him that you got yourself a new phone, still quite unfamiliar with it, you accidentally clicked the link of my blog which he posted on his Facebook account. Haha! What a very fortunate accident!

Abi, I can’t call him Efren. Since my husband is a Jr., it freaks me out as I feel that I’m also talking to my father-in-law when I call him Efren. I can’t call him BABY all the time here in my blog because I don’t want to sound too mushy, and I might scare away some readers. If I call him BAHO, which is our real term of endearment, it would be the end of his career. Because believe it or not, he has subordinates who also read this blog. :p

Abi, thanks for thinking that I am a good writer. Though I don’t remember writing anything that would make my readers believe that my husband looks like Richard Gomez, thank you. I don’t read 50 Shades of Grey as I am still trapped with the kiddie stuff (I’m planning to buy the complete set of Percy Jackson books which I saw from the shelves of Fully Booked), so I don’t have any idea about Christian Grey other than most of my female friends (according to their FB shoutouts and tweets) are willing to kill just to have a CG in their lives. I also had to Google the two other names. Mwahaha! But still, thank you!

And just so you know, you’re not the first person to ask Boyet “ANONG PINAKAIN MO KAY JE?” To answer that mind-boggling question: TORTILLOS! Tortillos ang pinakain nya sa akin nung nililigawan pa nya ako! Bwahaha! Seriously, I believe it’s just plain TRUE LOVE. And there’s that famous saying that EVERYBODY HAS A CROSS TO BEAR. Si Boyet ang KARMA ko! ANG KRUS NA PASANIN KO! :p OK, this time I’m really serious. More than people thinking that he is lucky to have me, I’m equally lucky to have him. There are days when I stop and think that I must have done something really good to deserve a kind-hearted husband. Just so you know, I still haven’t figured out that one.

Again, thank you, Abi! :)

When I started this blog, I didn’t really mind whether people would read it. At that time, I JUST WANT TO WRITE. PERIOD. Making this blog popular was the least of my concerns. But over the years, I somehow lost track. More than my PASSION to write, I started focusing my energy in making this blog known by many. And then I realized that it wasn’t why I started writing in the first place.

I focused myself on the numbers.

Telling myself that I ONLY have 170+ followers on my FB page, I didn’t realize that these 170+ people are mostly my friends who keep on supporting me over the years. I forgot that some of the 170+ followers are those who were COERCED by my husband to “like” my FB page. :p And I failed to appreciate that some of these 170+ people used to be merely strangers to me, but are now my “virtual friends”.

I’ve been feeling that I suck in writing because I only have 80+ feed subscribers. What??? I ALREADY HAVE 80+ subscribers??!! Really???! Oh, well that’s what the widget tells me. :p Look at the right side of this site, the one that says ## readers BY FEEDBURNER.

I started to lose energy because I feel that I’m not getting enough hits/traffic in my blog. If you’re a blogger, you’ll know that new hits are crucial especially if directed from online search engines like Google. But I overlooked one important thing: I HAVE FOLLOWERS! Writing this made me think that I’d rather have 20 loyal followers who check out my blog every single day, rather than 200 one-time-only visitors. I'd rather have 20 loyal followers who know my blog URL by heart, rather than 200 new guests who were just directed by Google.

I also failed to realize that in one way or another, I’ve been helping a lot of people through this blog. Two bride-to-be readers sent me an email asking questions about wedding stuff. I get comments with questions regarding the restaurants and resorts I’ve posted. I get tweets asking my opinion about a certain hotel. And the list goes on. So my dear readers, thank you, and I was happy to be of help!

I may suck at numbers. But I’m sure that I’m good at making friends! Again my dear readers, THANK YOU! Thank you for always reminding me why I should keep on doing what I’m supposed to be doing: WRITING.


  1. Please stop saying that you're not a good writer, because you are. :) You were also my inspiration in putting up with my own blog. :D So thank you and keep writing! :D

  2. Speechless :) hihi I feel you! Keep inspiring in your own little ways :) Your blog is actually bookmarked in my laptop :D madaming beses mo na din akong pina-iyak sa mga touching posts mo, and pinatakam sa mga food posts :D, nung nabasa ko nga sa FB yung "not all wandering are lost" kaw agad naisip ko :D keep it up!

  3. Nakaka-overwhelmed naman tong basahin, Je. You know what? Even before I started blogging I already reading
    your blog, actually nakita ko lang sa FB ung page mo ni-like ni Jim then chineck ko and I ended up liking your blog a lot! And even before na malaman ko na ikaw pla ung friend nila biboy, i've been stalking your blog na but I'm just a lurker. I'm really glad when you started answering my comments and your posting comments on my blog too. I know kahit we haven't met yet in person you are really good inside and out. I can feel and see it in your post. :)

    Kaya keep it up!

    Love lots,
    Ate Charo (LOL)


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