Je Tries to Cook: White Spaghetti

I was never taught how to cook. I just managed to learn simply by observing my mom in the kitchen with a little reinforcement from spending my younger years watching Del Monte Kitchenomics. Another factor to my fascination with food is the fact that both my parents cook really well. Growing up with good food somehow conditioned my taste buds. So blame my parents for my high standards on food.

My mom literally OWNS the kitchen. Well we’re still living with them so technically they own the whole house! Haha! Anyway, since my mom REIGNS in a little kingdom called KITCHEN, I don’t get as much chance to practice my cooking skills. Then one Sunday night, she was too lazy to cook so she asked me to do it for her. My mission: carbonara for dinner.

Carbonara is an egg-based pasta dish. But in our household, any pasta dish with white sauce is called carbonara! So for the sake of accuracy, I changed the name of the dish to white spaghetti. Hihi! :p


DSC_0752 Bacon (cut into cubes)
I know, I know! My knife skills are really horrible!
You’re asking me how much bacon? Put as much as you want! You’ll never go wrong with bacon! :)

DSC_0764 1 medium-sized onion
shiitake mushroom

DSC_0768 cheddar cheese
1 can evaporated milk, all-purpose cream
black pepper, fish sauce
seasoning granules (optional)
parsley (not in the photo)

1. Boil water in a pot and cook pasta according to package directions. I used spaghetti though I prefer fettuccine or penne for cream-based pasta dishes. 

2. In a pan, heat the bacon until golden brown. If your bacon is lean, you may opt to add some oil.


3. Set aside the bacon then sauté the onions and garlic. I usually put the onions first and add the garlic once the onions turn translucent. Add 3 tablespoons of fish sauce (patis), though this may vary depending on the saltiness of your bacon. I know Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart taught you to season your food with salt, but I’m a Filipino so I cook like a Filipino. Mas masarap ‘pag patis! :p

4. Put back the bacon, then add the shiitake mushrooms. Most people use canned button mushrooms. We prefer shiitake because this type of mushroom brings a hint of sweetness to the sauce.


5. Add half a cup of water and wait for it to simmer. If you have stock, I bet it’s better.

6. Add the evaporated milk. After one minute, add the all-purpose cream.


7. For a thicker consistency, add three tablespoons of grated cheese. Season the sauce with pepper and seasoning granules. You may want to taste it by this time so you can adjust the saltiness. Even the best chefs taste their food. :)


8. Lastly, add the fresh parsley.


9. Serve it with grated cheese and fresh parsley. :)

 Bagsak sa presentation! :p

P.S. I don’t claim to be a professional chef. I just happen to be a wife who loves to cook. So please don’t bombard me with bad comments if you end up trying out this recipe. Pleaaaseeeee!!! Nyahahaha!!! :)


  1. Looks delicious! Hehe may natutunan ako sa mushroom :) button mushroom nga din madalas ko gamitin :p curious lang, bakit una yung onion for you? ^^

  2. Nice one! sana makatikim naman ako minsan :p

  3. Noted! hihi will apply it sa next na luto ko ng carbonara ;) and as to garlic and onion, I'll apply it on everyday cooking :D -Madelaine

  4. Joie, hehe sige. Kaso mas magaling ka magluto sakin e :p

  5. Naks! Looks yummy though I'm not a fan of white sauce! Hihi Next time, try to cook red sauce naman! You can try my some of my pasta recipe, lalo na yung made with real and fresh tomatoes! Ay nakow! I looveee pasta! :)

  6. Gayahin ko ito ha...My kids loves pasta with white sauce.

    Many thanks

  7. looks scrumptious! you got me at bacon.:p

    here's a tip--to make it richer, beat an egg and add hot pasta.

  8. Your white sauce looks yum! My boy loves this kind of pasta sauce I seldom cook tomato-based.

  9. Why haven't I thought of the shiitake? You're right, shiitake mushrooms are a lot yummier, fave ko yun pag nilalagay ng daddy ko sa hotpot. Try ko nga din yan sa white spag, I always use the canned button mushrooms kasi plus tuna instead of bacon hehe..


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