Dear McDonald’s

I have to thank you for bringing back Twister Fries. I heard it will only last for three weeks. Though short, it’s better than nothing, which brings me to a very pressing question. I paid PHP59 for a half-empty box of Twister Fries. I can let this pass because I am willing to pay for more for as long as my craving is satisfied. While writing the previous sentence, I realized that this is your marketing strategy. Offering Twister Fries for a limited time will make the crowd go crazy over it. Now back to my concern. I don’t have a problem with the PHP59-worth of a half empty box of Twister Fries. But why is there a fry on my Twister Fries?

I felt so robbed! If I buy the cheaper French fries, should I be hoping for a surprise Twister fry? Nah, I don’t think so. I was so tempted to go back to the store and have that single, bland, pale fry be replaced with a real Twister Fry. But I don’t want to receive that “judging” look from your staff. Poor fry, it’s not his (I decided it’s a HE) fault that he’s so unwanted.

P.S. Nobody eats breakfast at 10 in the morning. More people crave for pancakes and Big Breakfast Meal at 4 in the afternoon. So why can’t you just serve your breakfast meals throughout the day?



  1. ang laki ng issue mo. nyahahaha... pero sabagay. half na nga ang twister fries mo may kasama pang fry! nyaks! sayang din un! oh well! i want pancakes at 11 PM. I agree! sell breakfast meal all day long.

  2. Aubrey, opkors! Every peso counts! Every fry matters! Bwahaha! Tara, let's have a signature campaign for McDo to sell bfast meals throughout the day! :p

    i♥pinkc00kies, I was heartbroken! =))

  3. ako din.. ilang beses na ako bumili ng twister pero kalahati lang lagi laman.. hihihi.. lugi.. :p


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