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I once gave chocolates from the Philippines to an American friend. According to her, she loves how our chocolates are creamier and milkier. She also said that our version is not as sweet as their chocolates. I couldn’t agree more with her. Though I love imported chocolates, I am also very proud of our local brands. My heart jumps at the sight of Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher and Snickers. But Serg’s, Flat Tops and Chocnut also give me the same joy.

After numerous rebranding and changes with owners (I heard a Singaporean company bought it from Nestle), Goya has remained a favorite chocolate brand of Filipinos. It always brings a sense of nostalgia each time I see it on grocery shelves.

One day, hubby went home with some Goya chocolates for me. Goya has been a personal favorite, long before its label includes the face of Kim Chiu. My mom usually buys Goya chocolate bars so I was surprised to know they now how Goya Bits.

Just like M&M’s, Goya Bits has the classic milk chocolate and the one with rice crispies. I bet they also have Goya Bits with peanuts.

I opened both which totally surprised my husband. I wasn’t disappointed when I tasted the classic milk chocolates, but I was shocked that I liked the Crispy variant even more. It’s milkier, creamier and has a distinct flavor and texture.

If you’re feeling stressed out from a day’s work or you simply want to sinfully indulge on chocolates, Goya Bits is surely a good choice. :)

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