Hotel Review: One Tagaytay Place

After our back-to-back food trips at Pamana Restaurant and Mochiko at Cliffhouse, we headed to our chosen hotel. When Joie and I were planning our short vacation, she said that she wanted to visit One Tagaytay Place and Taal Vista. I was willing to go back to Taal Vista since it holds a very special place in my heart. Click here to know why. :) But I was also curious with OTP because of the numerous positive online reviews from bloggers.

We booked our reservations through Agoda. Jeff and Joie got a twin sharing room while Boyet and I got the remaining one bedroom suite.

Even if we joined the rush of tourists who were also about to check-in, the entire process was swift and simple. A receptionist offered us welcome drinks while waiting for our room keys.

We initially requested to be placed on the same floor. Luck was definitely on our side because we were given adjacent rooms.

The suite at OTP is smaller compared with the suite we booked for our wedding preparations at the G Hotel but it’s still spacious enough for two people.

The receiving area has a couch, table, two chairs and a flat screen TV. Jeff and Joie actually spent the rest of the afternoon in our room watching shows at the Lifestyle Network, probably while daydreaming of our next vacation. Nyaha!

Unlike when we were simply a seat apart, and all our rants were coursed through instant messages, things have been different ever since I transferred company. So after months of not seeing each other, it felt so nice to just watch TV with my husband and my closest friends while munching Cheetos and Pringles. Priceless.

The bar has complimentary bottled water and sachets of instant coffee. The room is also equipped with a personal refrigerator but it wasn’t working when we arrived. We called the reception to have it checked and a personnel arrived in no time.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know how particular I am when it comes to the restroom of a hotel/resort. A clean and spacious bathroom is always a turn on for me. So I literally took a deep breath before opening the bathroom door of our suite hoping that it would meet my expectations.

It’s clean, well-lighted and well-ventilated. It’s not as big as I was hoping it to be, though. Our bathroom in Taal Vista is definitely bigger and grander too. But the size of our bathroom is decent enough for a human being to fit in. The one we had in Acuatico has always been my gauge whether a bathroom is cramped or not. For some odd reason, when I imagine Acuatico’s bathroom, the song of a Camella commercial also plays in my mind. Bulilit! Bulilit, sanay sa masikip! Kung kumilos ang liit liit! :p

Basic toiletries and lots of fresh towels were provided. Inamoy ko talaga lahat! =))

We were in Tagaytay on second week of May, which was the perfect time since it was the peak of summer. We went out of town to escape the scorching heat, eat like there’s no tomorrow, watch TV beating even the laziest couch potato and of course, SLEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!

I froze as I enter the bedroom with my eyes glued on the fluffy pillows and the comfortable bed. I immediately turned on the AC (yes, there’s a separate AC inside the bedroom) and hid under the sheets. After being sleep-deprived for months, I finally experienced eight hours of uninterrupted slumber.

There was no fighting over TV that weekend since our room has two! Hubby got unlimited basketball while I had the chance to watch some cooking show reruns.

I checked the cabinet and a set of bathrobes peeked along with slippers and a safety deposit box.

Hubby and I brought our own bible so we could do some catch-up reading. Our very busy schedules sometimes make it difficult for both of us to have some quiet time. Though we weren’t able to use it, I’ll give OTP extra points for providing each room a bible.

Joie and I were both excited to swim. OTP’s swimming pool looks gorgeous in pictures. So imagine our dismay when we saw a giant bathtub instead of the pool that we were expecting! Haha!

Tagaytay is a cold place so having a big pool is probably not the hotel’s priority. I know that I should stop comparing OTP with Taal Vista but the latter’s pool is way bigger. :p

It’s also a turnoff that they are very lenient in allowing the guests to use the pool even if they are not wearing proper swimming attires. I saw a guy in maong, a woman in colored shirt and a boy wearing a jersey. Call me maarte if you want but I just believe it’s not hygienic. Parang naglaba sila ng maduming damit, tapos pinaligo mo. Di ba?!  :|

I’m not sure about the other rooms but ours doesn’t have the view of Taal Lake. But overall, I highly recommend One Tagaytay Place. Service is superb. Rooms are reasonably-priced and location is very accessible.

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites
Barrio Sungay,
Tagaytay City


  1. The hubby and I went to OTP last January because we attended a wedding nearby. It. was. freezing!!! I remember waking up in the middle of the night to wear the robe pa over my pantulog! Haha! We didn't even get to go up to the pool to look! :P It was a nice place though :)

    (Wala lang full length mirror -- eh we got dressed for the wedding pa naman in that room!)

    (Habol ni mister -- wala din daw clock! Haha!)

  2. Kris, I turned off one of the ACs and set the bedroom AC at 25C. I was in pajamas and I fully utilized the comforters! Haha!

    I agree with the mirror! Pero di ko napansin na wala ngang clock. =))

  3. We also visited this Tagaytay Hotel last January, I loved the place!


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