Mochiko at Cliffhouse Tagaytay

We didn’t give up at paying Cliffhouse a visit. After our very sumptuous lunch at Pamana Restaurant, we decided to continue with our food trip. We asked the guard at Pamana for directions and he told us to just go straight. When I realized that we’re reaching an intersection, I decided to ask the help of some traffic enforcers. Apparently, we have already passed by the Cliffhouse. The place’s signage is not big enough for people to see it. Unless you’re from Tagaytay or you frequent the place enough for you to memorize every corner of the city, Cliffhouse is quite hard to spot.

The traffic enforcer told us, “Dun sa may Yellow Cab!” So we parked our car near Yellow Cab. My initial reaction was, “Paano naging Cliffhouse ‘to? Where’s the cliff? Where’s the house? Waley!” When we asked the guard, he told us that Cliffhouse is the one beside the parking lot. Nagtaka pa ako, hindi naman pala Cliffhouse ‘yun! Bwahaha! The guard prohibited us from parking our car and told us that it’s strictly for customers only. We told him that we would just check Cliffhouse and be back in fifteen minutes. It was actually a blessing that the guard allowed us to park our car because parking fee at the Cliffhouse costs a fortune! Kabog ang parking fee sa Greenbelt! :p

The Cliffhouse offers a variety of restaurants. Some are unknown to me while there are a couple like Café Breton which we also have in Manila. The place also gives a very good view of the Taal Lake. Well, there’s the cliff. :)

After the very quick picture-taking, we spotted Mochiko. Having ice cream after a heavy meal may be sinful but it’s the perfect way to cleanse your palates. Jeff and Joie first tried Mochiko at the Mercato Centrale. Boyet and I were both first-timers so Joie treated us a piece of it.

Mochiko offers glutinous rice balls with ice cream inside. Mochi in different colors are displayed on the glass stand and that alone made it so hard for me to decide what flavor to get.

When the mochi was handed to me, the server reminded me to eat it after three minutes because it’s frozen. I tried biting on it after a minute. Atat. Tigas ulo. Ngilo!

When the time was up, I took my first bite on my mochi. The sticky rice and ice cream created such a nice fusion, truly a Japanese specialty with a Filipino twist. Each mochi costs PHP70.

Cliffhouse Tagaytay
Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay


  1. Cliffhouse is one of the best spots in Tagaytay. About the parking fees, if you dine in one of the restaurants, you get free parking by having your dining receipt stamped. :)

  2. edelweiza, haha! I didn't know about the parking fees. Ok lang since nakakain na rin naman kami :)

  3. Love it there at Cliffhouse. Their rooms are quite prices nga lang. Love the pics!

    Just liked your FB page. :)


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