Resort Review: Acuatico Beach Resort

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I promised myself that I’d never miss the chance to visit the Acuatico Beach Resort ever since I heard of it. I shared the same sentiments with my trip buddies. While we were in Capones which was our last trip before my three-month US assignment, we agreed that our next destination would be Acuatico. Joie took charge of our reservations and scheduled our trip on November 13-14.

After more than a three-hour travel from Manila, we were warmly welcomed by very nice people from Acuatico. Each of us was also given a complimentary drink. There is no question about the beauty of Acuatico. There is no doubt that their main attraction is their infinity pool with a floating bar at the center.


DSC_0930I love the sea! ^_^

They also have a recreation center where visitors can play table tennis, table football, darts and air hockey. I tried everything (keyword is TRY). :)

Being thrifty travelers, we are very critical in making sure that we are getting the best of what we paid for. We were looking forward to this trip because we don’t usually go to high-end resorts. So it is very likely that our expectations were really high considering how pricey their accommodations are.

Unfortunately, the beauty of Acuatico ends with the infinity pool. Their rooms are far from impressive. We paid almost PHP6,000 for a room for two, so that’s almost PHP18,000 for the six of us. The room is undersized. Their restroom is so small that we actually kept on banging our knees and elbows while taking a bath. The electricity was also fluctuating. I didn't even know that there was an emergency light because the one in our room was not working. Joie just told me about it the following morning. It was definitely not the vacation that I was hoping for.

They don’t allow bringing in of foods so we were forced to eat at their restaurant. Their food is a bit overpriced. The taste was just so-so. None of us left the table with a happy face. :(

I won’t argue that their infinity pool is breath-taking. The place is really elegant. But the food and the rooms did not meet my expectations. But then again, it’s not where you are but who are with that truly matters.

I was really disappointed thinking that it might be my last vacation as a single lady. Nyaha! But I was with my closest friends so that's the most important thing. I would have not enjoyed that vacation if not for them. The funny thing is that the best part of our trip was not the dip in the infinity pool or the buffet at their restaurant. We all agreed that the most enjoyable part of our stay in Acuatico was playing UNO cards (Jeff''s own rules) in our room until past midnight. :p

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  1. I miss Uno cards!

    Anyway The BF and I have been wanting to go here too. Your pictures look so beautiful! Too bad it wasn't as good as it seemed! I've actually read another not-so-good review about it, hence our hesitation to go. Thank you for your honest and helpful review! :-)

  2. Sayang pera! Sana nag-Kabayan nlng tau ulet! :-)

  3. @Manila Girl, I think the bigger rooms are okay. Just don't get the infinity rooms. They're so tiny. Since somebody else is occupying the upper floor, it's also a bit noisy. We were really disappointed :(

    @aubrey, yeah let's go back. let's try all the laiya beaches :p

  4. Mark saw your pictures and suggested that we go there when he gets back :p di ba talaga ok?

  5. It's ok but not worth the money. We really feel it's overpriced and overrated. :p

  6. Villa accommodation is okay...pero pangit talaga bathrooms...baka mataas masyado expectations niyo je hehehe di mo nabasa reviews ko (promoting)


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