SG Trip Day 3 (Part 1): Singapore Zoo

Our plan to be at the Singapore Zoo as it opens at 8:30 am wasn’t carried out because it was hard for us to get up early in the morning after a very packed day of activities the day before. We left the hotel almost an hour past our schedule. After the train ride to Ang Mio Kio, we bumped into another delay because we couldn’t find the bus station. After a few minutes of walking and asking for directions from a number of people, we finally found the bus station. The bus ride was longer which gave all of us the time to get more sleep.

DSC_0852Jeff and Joie

When we arrived at the zoo, we were greeted by a very long queue of people at the ticketing area. The long wait was compensated with a smile when I saw a Filipina crew at the reception who was proudly wearing a Philippine flag pin on the collar of her uniform. :)

DSC_0663 Jeff and Boyet

The zoo admission costs SGD20 but we opted to avail of the admission with tram ride which costs SGD25. It wasn’t a smart move since one of the four tram stations was under construction. The tram ride also prevented us from seeing the animals up close so we ended up walking the entire zoo.

Singapore zoo may initially strike as any normal zoo. I even compared it to Zoobic Safari. But there were a lot of first times for me, and that includes the calming sight of flamingos from afar.

In the middle of our tour, Joie pointed out a stand that sells slush. It comes in tall containers with different colors. When we were at the Universal Studios Singapore, I wanted to buy a drink that was served in Transformers containers. But Bumblebee’s head costs a fortune so I convinced myself that it wasn't worth the price.

I waited for Joie to go first in buying the slush and asked for her feedback. After hearing that the slush tastes good and realizing that the water I brought was already warm after the long trip, I gave in and bought a mango slush.

Even the boys enjoyed this cold drink. It was the best way to be refreshed in the middle of the scorching heat.

Although I’m used to seeing primates in our local zoos, it was my first time to see some of its kinds. And it was definitely my first time to be up close with a giant one.

And although I’ve seen a snake that has just changed its skin, it was the first time that I’ve seen a reptile that has its skin being peeled off naturally.

DSC_0740Na-sunburn si kuya?!

For the first time after a long time, we saw some giraffes again. I could still remember my dismay when the only giraffe I saw at the Manila Zoo a few years ago when I went there was just a giant statue. So Joie and I exclaimed in unison, “Wow! Giraffe!”

I told myself that if I wouldn’t be seeing giraffes at the Singapore Zoo then our trip would be a big waste of my time. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed.

Not far from the giraffes where the zebras.

DSC_0769Mukha rin akong zebra! Teehee!

The zoo has scheduled shows. Unfortunately, we were able to only catch one which was the Rainforest Fights Back Show. We were seated in the middle of the amphitheater so I wasn’t able to take any decent shot. But I have to say that the show was not only educational, it was also funny and very entertaining. Everybody was amazed when the animals started parading and showing their tricks.

I’d like to say that we saved the best for last but the truth is we simply had a difficult time looking for the penguins.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been to Manila Ocean Park where the most recent addition to their many attractions is the penguins. So it was my first time to see real penguins.

I remember Joie saying that they aren’t cute in real life. Oh, how Hollywood films distorted reality. Haha! :p

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  1. Eto and hindi namin napuntahan sa SG, panay shopping kasi ginawa namin. hahaha! Four days kami nag stay pero bitin!


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