SG Trip Day 2 (Part 2): Songs of the Sea and Night Life at Resorts World

After a very tiring yet fun experience at the Universal Studios Singapore, we boarded once again to Sentosa Express and alighted at the Beach Station to catch the 7:40 pm show of Songs of the Sea. We arrived more than an hour earlier which gave us plenty of time to roam around and have our dinner. Although we’re all adventurous eaters, we came to an agreement to eat at McDonald’s. We were all curious how different it is from what we have back home.

I guarded our seats while Jeff, Joie and Boyet placed our orders. We opted to have burgers, fries and soda. There is not much of a difference with how their burger tastes unlike if you compare ours from the burger patty used in the USA. The most noticeable with my comparison is their serving size! Nalunod ako sa Coke!

After our early dinner, we waited for the staff’s cue before entering the venue.

We availed of the premium seats for SGD15. I am not sure if it was a wise decision given that there was an old man and a very hyper girl in front of us. Instead of letting this very trivial thing get into my nerves, I just enjoyed the view of the beach.

We also had a glimpse of the sunset but I can still brag that nothing beats the surreal view of the sunset in the Philippines.

The show finally started with a group of actors singing a song that’s unknown to the four of us. We felt so out of place when they started singing a song that none of us could understand while the rest of the crowd sang along with the actors. Most of them began laughing while the four of us just exchanged sighs.

Songs of the Sea features a mix of computer animation, laser displays and pyrotechnics to name a few. Unfortunately, the show fell short of my expectations. I’m not sure if it is because USS set the bar so high that our Songs of the Sea experience wasn’t up to par. I wasn’t impressed at all.

After the show, we went back to Resorts World because Jeff said that there are free shows scheduled that night. We first went to see the Crane Dance. We were lucky to have the best seats even if we arrived just a couple of minutes before the show started.

The two huge mechanical cranes started moving which signaled the beginning of an interesting love story. After a couple of minutes, the cranes stopped moving. I initially thought that it was part of the story until they announced that they are experiencing technical difficulties. We patiently waited but there was no sign of movement from the crane so we decided to leave.

We went to the other end of Resorts World to catch the Lake of Dreams show. We quietly sat while watching the water change colors. Laser special effects also added to the appeal of the show. The show wasn’t eye-popping but it’s free so who are we to complain. :p

We had nothing else to do but nobody dared to call it a night. The four of us agreed to go to the casino since we're all so curious how it feels to be inside one. I was so excited that I even had my passport ready just in case somebody questions my age. Nyaha!

Unfortunately, we didn’t know that wearing of shorts isn’t allowed. Only Jeff was wearing pants at that time. Although disappointed, we had no other choice but to walk away. May Resorts World din kami sa Pilipinas no! >:)

Joie: Porke naka shorts wala ng pera? May pera ako no!
Je: May dress code pa pala ang mga sugarol?
Ganyan kami ka-bitter! :p

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