SG Trip Day 3 (Part 2): Merlion Park and Food Trips at Ion Orchard and Gluttons Bay

The sun was still up and though we were tired after a trip to the Singapore Zoo, we went to the Orchard Road where shopping centers are everywhere. We first strolled around the Lucky Plaza to buy some souvenir shirts and spicy shrimp rolls. I know that Filipinos are all over Singapore but seeing them at the Lucky Plaza is surreal. They have banks and remittance centers that cater to the OFWs. Restaurants serve Filipino dishes and stores sell products from the Philippines. I find it amusing that Divisoria back home is dominated by Chinese but the Filipinos took over the Lucky Plaza.

Joie and Jeff needed to meet a friend so we stayed at the Ion Orchard. I was prepared to go shopping but was so surprised that everything is pricey. So instead of buying things that would probably end up collecting dust in my closet, Boyet and I decided to do what we do best together.

Food trip!!!

We proceeded to the Ion Food Court where our eyes feasted on the variety of choices. Hubby and I decided to have a little bit of everything so we scouted every store to have a glimpse of what they offer.

Korean Meatballs SGD1.60

The first stall that caught our attention sells different kinds of Korean street food. It was extremely difficult to communicate with the Korean girl manning the store so we ended up just pointing at the things we want to buy. We got Bulgogi pork for SGD1.30. The absence of a photo is proof enough that it’s delicious because after I paid for it, I saw my husband with half of the Bulgogi pork gone!

We then bought Korean meatballs from the same shop. Though it’s also delicious, it pales in comparison with the Bulgogi pork.

We also tried a rice meal which costs SGD5.60. The box has rice, 2 chicken skewers, 1 pork skewer and 1 stick of chicken balls. It was a feast of flavors in my mouth.

Rice Meal SGD5.60

While hubby was enjoying our gastronomic feast, I decided to roam around the food court one more time. I wanted to buy some dumplings but I realized that Joie promised to bring us to the Gluttons Bay. I restrained myself even if I wanted to try everything. The dumplings were calling my name while the cupcakes kept on pleading that I take them out of the rack. But my willpower prevailed and I just settled for a cold drink.

Ironically, it was my first time to try Happy Lemon even after it has already invaded the Philippines. Boyet didn’t like it which was good for me. :)

Coffee Rock Salt Cheese SGD3.50

We had a lot of time on our hands but our feet were just too tired. We’ve also walked the entire Ion Orchard so we had nowhere else to go. Instead of going somewhere else, we killed time by simply sitting outside the mall while enjoying the night.


After half an hour, we left Ion Orchard to meet Jeff and Joie at the MRT station. Our phone’s roaming wasn’t activated so there was no way for us to reach them. We patiently waited for them for almost an hour. They aren’t usually late so we thought that they got lost.

Have you seen those movies with a girl endlessly waiting for her one true love at their meeting place? She sighs while praying that the next train will bring her prince. She eagerly looks at the opening doors, hoping that the one she’s been waiting for has finally arrived. I was like that girl for almost one hour! :p

But as they say, good things come to those who wait. So to compensate for making us wait, Joie promised to treat us! Woohoo! Joie, magpa-late ka ulit! Please! :p

I thought it was going to be a short walk. But it wasn’t. Fortunately, the beautiful night view of Singapore kept us entertained.

On our way to the Merlion Park, we saw a man selling the famous one-dollar ice cream. It’s funny that some tourists were so amazed at the thought of eating ice cream with bread when in fact, it is very common in the Philippines especially when I was growing up.

Singapore’s one-dollar ice cream is a bit different than what we have back home. While we usually use monay, they use sweet white loaf bread (tasty sa Pinas). While our ice cream tends to be a little runny, theirs is perfectly frozen.

DSC_0906Joie’s Treat #1:  Singapore’s one-dollar ice cream

We were supposed to go to Merlion Park on our first day but our schedule didn’t permit it. The initial plan was to go there in the morning to avoid the crowd. Although it was a bit crowded when we went at the park, the view was still magnificent. Sa postcard ko lang dati nakikita ‘tong merlion na bumubuga ng tubig e!

I admire the discipline of the people in Singapore. Go to Manila Bay where the sea walls are high, the big rocks are dangerous and the water is murky. You’ll see people, including kids swimming not minding the danger and health hazards. Go to the Merlion Park which is the exact opposite of Manila Bay and you won’t see a single person in the water.

Because of the large number of people spending time at the Merlion Park, it was difficult for us to get a decent shot. So after taking a few photos, we decided to go to Gluttons Bay.

I was literally dragging my feet while walking. I was also starting to feel uncomfortable because I could feel my skin was already sticky. The heat, constantly hopping from trains to buses and the strenuous walking all contributed to my discomfort. But my eyes glistened and I was immediately perked up the moment we arrived at the Gluttons Bay.

Finding a seat wasn’t easy. But luck was on our side because a group of customers were just about to leave when we arrived. We kept the seats guarded even if the tables were still being cleaned.

Apparently, Jeff and Joie met their friends at the Gluttons Bay! They had no idea where their friend would bring them. And their friend probably didn’t know that it was part of our itinerary.

Joie had already something on her mind so Boyet and I looked at the food choices. While we were walking, an old Chinese-looking man shouted at us, “Kuya, ate dito madame masarap!” HAHAHAHA!!! :)

I remember suggesting to Joie for her to try Char Kway Teow when she first visited Singapore. When she came back, she furiously told me that it tastes like sh*t. I refused to believe it because I’ve seen numerous shows in Living Asia and the Asian Food Channel featuring this popular noodle dish.

We were seated in front of a stall that sells Char Kway Teow. I really wanted to try it but Joie’s words kept playing on my mind. I convinced myself that it would probably be my only chance to try it in Singapore so I hesitantly bought it.
Char Kway Teow

It may look like trash but the Char Kway Teow I bought was very far from the way Joie depicted it. It’s really delicious. It’s salty but the hint of sweetness gave it a balance. It was hard to convince Joie to try it. But when she did, she agreed with me.

Joie kept on talking how they enjoyed the Cereal Prawns. My cousin also told me not to leave Singapore without trying this wonderful dish. Joie insisted to treat us. Promise, tumanggi ako ng bongga! :p

I usually eat cereals with milk and shrimp with soy sauce. But I never imagined pairing cereals and prawns. Whoever thought of doing it is a genius! The crunchy and salty cereals sort of served as the prawns' breading and toppings. It’s soooo delicious!

Joie’s Treat #2: Cereal Prawns

With full tummies, we happily left the Gluttons Bay. The next day, we went out to do some last minute shopping before heading to the airport for our afternoon flight.

This will be my last Singapore post. We were there last February and it took me two months to finish my entries. I’m such an absentee blogger! Nyaha! :p

Thank you, Singapore! Till we meet again! :)

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  1. I miss 1 SGD ice cream! Mas gusto ko nasa wafer. 2x ata ako kumain :p

    We didn't eat at gluttons bay kasi sa Lau Pa Sat kami dinala ng cousin ko pero dapat merienda kami dyan the next day kaso parang puro heavy meal at nagkukumiripot ako :p kaya kumain nalang ako ng shredded corn na binebenta sa parang stall don malapit sa gluttons bay :D

    I miss SG! :(


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