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I know that it’s inexcusable to write a supplier review barely nine months after our wedding day. But even if I write this post ten years from now, the rating and review will definitely be the same. As a matter of fact, I’m so tempted to just give the rating, post the photos and let them speak for themselves.

Looking for a wedding photographer was a very tedious four-month task for us. I was looking for a photographer who does not only take photos of details but who also has an eye to capture emotions. Ian Santillan was virtually unknown to me. His name did not even pop once when I checked online for wedding photographers in the Philippines. So when a friend mentioned his name in passing, my then fiancé and I immediately checked out his portfolio not knowing that we’d both fall in love with his photos.

When my mom asked us how much we’re spending for the photographer, her follow-up question was whether it already includes the video package. Her eyes got bigger in amazement when I told her that we’re getting a separate supplier for the video coverage. But after seeing our prenuptial photos, she was more than convinced that we got the best deal ever. And after seeing our onsite AVP, she had nothing but good words for Ian. Besides, with all our requests granted and a lot of favors given to us, we couldn’t ask for more!

His eye for details is simply extraordinary. I like how he used anything inanimate in sight to highlight his subjects. All his shots are astonishingly creative. It’s as if every click of his camera turns into a story.

Especially during the wedding preparation, Ian and his team made sure that they work as discreetly as possible. I’ve seen some wedding photographers who are adding stress to the bride by rushing them and giving complex instructions. With Ian, it was the opposite. Since he tries his best to go unnoticed, he was able to capture a lot of candid moments.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1490
My best friend and one of my maids of honor frankly told me that I’m photogenic but I don’t know how to project in front of the camera. As a result, I look really horrible in pictures. But according to her, Ian was able to bring out my natural smile which was translated into beautiful photos. Years from now, I can probably tell my grandchildren that I looked gorgeous on my wedding day. And for that, I owe Ian my life! Hahaha!!!

The use of the bride’s veil is probably Ian’s signature style. Even if I’ve seen him do this trick with other brides, he makes sure that the bride’s personality still stands out.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-0604
Efren Jerellt Wedding-0600
Efren Jerellt Wedding-0584
Hubby told me that Ian is his favorite among all our suppliers. I bet this is because Ian always asks him to kiss me! I smell connivance! :p

To return the favor, Ian made sure that my husband looks good in his photos. It’s not every day that I consider my husband as a handsome guy. Our wedding day is one of the very few instances which I thought so. :p

Efren Jerellt Wedding-0386
I could sense Ian's frustrations when he couldn’t execute his plans or when he is being limited by circumstances just like the time when our prenuptial shoot was cut short. On our wedding day, our OTD coordinator asked us to leave the hotel early because some roads are closed for the Independence Day celebration. This meant less time for Ian to take my photos. Despite the drawback, he managed to take some very good photos while I was inside the bridal car. He said, “First time ko ‘tong ginawa ha!”

Efren Jerellt Wedding-0650
Efren Jerellt Wedding-0655
Efren Jerellt Wedding-0666
Efren Jerellt Wedding-0667
And even with the limited time for the post-nuptial shoot which he even had to share with Inxites, he still managed to make the most out of it.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1267
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1276
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1301
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1305
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1313
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1320
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1303
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1326
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1336
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1333
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1346
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1351
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1390
I envy people who make a living out of their passion. When you see Ian’s work, it reflects that he is not doing it for the money but rather answering his calling of making a once in a lifetime event more memorable. It’s also a nice add-on that he is very fun to work with. It was as if Boyet and I got a friend who happens to know how to use a high-tech camera. He made sure that we were at ease during our prenuptial shoot and our wedding day. Even our close friends got the chance to enjoy his company because his warm personality is very evident.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-2086
I know that wedding suppliers are paid to do what they are supposed to do. But Ian gave us something beyond what we expected from him. His smile is infectious. His kindness is refreshing. His creativity is impeccable. His passion is absolute. I know he is already big in the wedding industry. But I’m sure that his brilliance will reach more people in no time. Words will never be enough to express our gratitude to Ian for treating our wedding as if it was his own.

Check out our onsite AVP here. Until now, watching it still brings tears to my eyes!

Ian Santillan Photography
Rating: 5+++++/5 <-- I was so tempted to have the plus signs written until the next line! :)


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