A Breeze of Good Deeds # 28: TamTam is finally home...

I wasn’t able to catch Wish Ko Lang yesterday. So thank you, Chod for sharing these links.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

So TamTam is finally home. I’m very glad he is.

I don’t know with my other friends who helped him last Christmas, but how come I didn’t feel any anger when I found out about the truth?

Maybe because my father taught me that when you see someone who needs help and you deeply feel that he needs it, go on and help without thinking twice. He probably has reasons why he made up those stories. He was probably scared to face the family that he left behind.

Or maybe because more than the fact that we helped him, he was actually the one who helped us. He made us realize how lucky we are, that the problems we are facing are just trivial compared to his. We are lucky to be surrounded by our loving family and friends. And though I always complain about my legs getting tired from walking all day, I’m still lucky because there are people like TamTam whose probably only wish is to experience that same pain.

Or maybe because I’m just happy that he’s finally reunited with his family. And I’m glad that in some ways, my friends, relatives and all the other strangers who reached out to him, became his family while he was away from his own.

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