Coron Day 2 (Island Tour Part 6): Barracuda Lake

After spending almost the whole day in water, Kuya Chris told us that we're off to our next destination. The first thing I asked him was whether there are barracudas in the Barracuda Lake. He casually said that there used to be barracudas in the lake that’s why it was called such.

We needed to go down a very steep path to reach the lake. There’s a very pungent smell along the way so be ready for that.

The sun was still up so we had the luxury to stay longer in the lake. The serene water would have been a perfect way for us to relax after a strenuous day. But we were mistaken. What happened to us at the Barracuda Lake proved to be the most memorable part of our trip. It was scary yet funny at the same time.

A group of tourists left the place when we arrived so we had the lake all by ourselves. We all enjoyed floating in the very calm water as we were surrounded by a picturesque scenery.

DSC_1484 Jeff

DSC_1486 Boyet about to take the plunge

The boys sought for more excitement so they dared to take some underwater shots without their life vests. I was initially discouraging them but insisted in doing so. Boyet told me that there is a ladder which they could hold on to.

Kuya Arvin candidly posed for us. So now you believe what I said in my previous post that our tour guides were also enjoying the tour. Haha!

Jeff courageously followed Kuya Arvin.

When it was Boyet’s turn, he panicked and almost drowned! Haha! Fortunately, he was able to hold on to the ladder and my head! Yes, he accidentally grabbed my head and my vest during his struggle. Nagmamagaling kasi! :p

Joie and I were both scared to try what the boys did so we settled for the traditional underwater shots. By this time, three more tourists arrived.

P1000400All underwater shots courtesy of Joie

While all of us were having fun in the water, Kuya Chris gave us a worried look. He told us to come closer to the ladder and not panic. I asked him what’s happening. He said, “Walang magpa-panic! May ahas!” What?! I was expecting barracudas but we got a snake instead! The moment Kuya Chris asked us not to panic, everybody panicked! Kuya Chris tried to get me out of the water. But the moment he pulled my hands, I pulled back. Because of it, we both fell back into the water! Haha! And while Joie was trying to get out of the water, she left her slippers behind. She was more worried to lose her Havaianas than being bitten by the snake! :p

Jeff and Boyet actually saw the snake swimming away from us. The other tourists downplayed the snake saying that it’s just small. But according to Kuya Chris, the snake won’t bite unless aggravated. But you’ll only have 8 hours to live once you’re bitten. “Maliit lang pala, e di bumalik sila sa tubig,” Kuya Chris said. Nyaha!

We didn’t want to risk our lives so we decided to call it a day. My friend also told us the same experience while he was in Coron. So be extra careful when you plan to go to the lake. Fortunately, we had tour guides who are very alert.

After all the adrenaline rush, Kuya Chris told everybody, “Ang bigat pala ni Ma’am. Hindi lang halata!” Bwahahaha!

And that concludes our second day in Coron. :)

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